Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena's Secret

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This isn't a Gossip Girl spoiler in the true sense, as we don't fully know the answer. But we think we are getting closer to figuring out Serena's secret thanks to a new clip and a comment by one of our readers.

Calling attention to the promo clip for next Monday's episode, "All About My Brother," this Gossip Girl fan has an interesting theory as to just what the heck Serena and Georgina did.

Our guess: Nate. Or some other dude. What we're saying is that it looks like a Serena van der Woodsen (gulp) sex tape might exist.

Check out the clip below and see what you think.

Distressed, Serena is watching a video on her laptop, in which there appear to be female and male voices speaking her name, followed by moaning of some kind. Yeah. This looks scandalous ...


There's also the Gossip Girl spoiler about a gay character coming out, though we think we have a pretty good idea how that's going to go.

Please let us know your theories regarding Serena's secret. Follow the jump, too, for another (less juicy) clip from next Monday's episode ...


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Serena killed someone and when I heard that my heart dropped also i think theyt made a sex tape and Serena sleeps with someone and Dan breaks up with her!!!!


serena kills georgina!!! i know,
because she admits to killing someone,
and she also hooks up with some dude, (not form sex tape)
and dan breaks up with her!


you're right- it is more serious than some hot sex tape between S and G. Looks like S has some explaining to do, after killing someone. You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl


Basicaly, Georgina has the hots for Serena, so she drugs Serena and gets her into having sex with the guy who she bought the drugs from. All three have sex and make a porno and the drug dealer overdoses and dies and serena nor georgina do anything about it, thus, they feel like they killed him.




OMG-I hate the writer's with a burning passion of 1,000 STD's.


the big secret is that serena killed someone!
i just saw the episode right now!
i am so shocked!
but i wanna know who she killed!


i so knew they killed someone...
it was somewhat predictable...


OMG OMG OMG it was a sex tape and then she kiled whom ever shes was doing!!!!!


I think the tape isn't the secret I think the tape is seperate from the secret and it is of the night before the SAT's when Georgina drugged Serena. I think it is going to show Serena and Georgina doing it with a guy from the bar, something new for Georgina to hold over Serena because Serena said she would take Georgina down with her and now Georgina has 2 things over Serena, just a theory though

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