Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: An Unforgettable Kiss

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With the return of Grey's Anatomy just eight days away, here are some new pieces of news, gossip and spoilers from TV Guide's Michael Ausiello.

Question: Does your news of a two-hour finale of Grey's Anatomy mean two new hours of the show, or is it going to be a recap episode and then the finale?

Ausiello: As I understand it, there'll be about 80 minutes of show, plus 22 minutes of commercials and 18 minutes of ABC promos. Give or take a few here and there.

Question: Grey's Anatomy casting two gay service members? Sign me up! I am a former service member that was discharged for being gay.

Ausiello: You're too late - they've already found a few good-looking men: Benny Ciaramello (Friday Night Lights' Santiago) and Road Rules' David Giuntoli have been tapped to play the same-gender-lovin' soldiers who share a "very romantic kiss."

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Question: Wanna tell us who is gonna be involved in the super-secret, special, surprising kiss in the Grey's Anatomy season finale?

Ausiello: First, let's explain to the class what you're referring to, Mandy. In the current issue of TV Guide, guest columnist Shonda Rhimes offers a first-person preview of the show's final five episodes - and she saves the best for the last paragraph. "A lot happens in these five episodes," she writes. "And it all ends with a kiss. A good kiss. A great kiss. A kiss so good it makes you lean into your televisions. A kiss we never saw coming. Oh, it's a major kiss." Unfortunately, I come bearing no clues since I honestly have no idea whose lips will be smacking. She kind of threw me for a loop with the whole "kiss we never saw coming" bit.

Who's it gonna be, Grey's Anatomy fans! Talk to the Insider!

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I don't think it's gonna a Meredith Derek Kiss, because she said it would be a surprising kiss, one we never saw coming, but we already now Meredith and Derek are going to be together. I don't think it will be a kiss by any of the couple who have already been together. I hope it's gonna involve Christina, she was a bit neglected this season until the last episode. Though I'm not so much for a Erica/Christina one, they just don't have chemistry . Maybe a McSteamy/ Christina, that is if McSteamy decides to evolve a bit. Or Erica/ Mc Steamy..


its gonna be meredith and derek. they are the first real couple from season 1 and they have had a rocky relationship, so its gonna be them.hands down


I absolutly hate George and Izzie,(sorry people) they are best friends and should stay that way,anything else is just weird for them.. buttt i think George and Lexie is very interesting. But i would love it if it was Meredith and Derek, like if he proposes and she says YES (as she would) it would be the best. I cant wait till they become stable because i dont like the back and forth back and forth with them, it kills me i love them together...AAHHHHH I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!


I think it will have Erica either kissing Cristina or Callie. With the whole Mer/Der thing I saw a photo from a spoiler page for the season finale and it had Meredith holding a bottle of champagne talking to Derek. So I think that the clinical trial suceeds and how the clinical trial is sorta like a metaphor or soemting for their relationship so that's when they get back together. I was watching the 1st season the other day and it would be cool if it did go the way that I say becuase when they first get togehtre for a date MEredith is wating for him with a bottle of wine by his car. It's like they're starting from scratch, only this time MERedith won't be broken


I think its Bailey and McSteamy!! That would be soo weird!! Or maybe Erica and Callie??


Please be meredith and Derek!
I fnot, I am guessing Lexie and George.


Its been ages since MerDer and i here there might be a ring involved so im soooo excited about that! As long as Rose leaves i don't care. When Addison came i thought she was great even though she split MerDer up 4 a season...but Rose is just soooo annoyin. So hopefully they'll save a life in the trial and get back together. Ohhhh and i also want a new love interest for Cristina cus she is jus sooo great.


Okay goin out on a limb here but.............. How about GEORGE and BAILEY her son is already named for him and think of all the issues she would have falling in love with an Intern.


After watching the show, I think it will be Sloan & Bailey!


I have two people in mind. One is the whole Hahn/Callie thing, which would be awesome, but I think too many people expect it now after the Addison episode. So George and Lexi? They're getting pretty close and that just may shake things up between him and Meridith. Besides, it's not completely out of left field like let's say Bailey and the Chief or Christina with the Cheif. Izze and Alex I think we've all been expecting since Alex carried her off of Dennie's bedside. So that wouldn't really be the most unexpected. So my call is George and Lexi

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