Kelly Rutherford Reveals Gossip Girl Spoiler

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Gossip Girl fan sites and celebrity news blogs have been abuzz that a male, gay character on the CW show will be revealed.

Well, star Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen) — who plays the mother of Serena (Blake Lively) and Eric (Connor Paolo) — accidentally let that Gossip Girl cat out of its bag in an interview. It's Eric!

Kelly Spills the Beans

Kelly Rutherford ends any doubt about this Gossip Girl spoiler.

She let it slip to Us Weekly at a Sylvania event in New York City that it's "her son" (as unanimously predicted in our Round Table) who comes out of the closet - and that the story line is "very well done."

How do you think it will be revealed?

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I don't know... but I think that it will be interesting... E is GG!!! OMGF


OMG, You know what would be FUN!? O.o ((I already know Eric's gay, but)) If Chuck was bisexual and had feelings for Blair, but also had feelings for a guy... (Nate, Random guy, whoever you wish~) I would practically leap out of my chair for excitement! XD I'm always up for tons of unexpected drama. :] The Eric and Georgina stuff right now is... Well, it's just way too predictable for my tastes. :/


As soon as I heard that one of the characters would be coming
out, my assumptions immediately was that it would be Eric. All
the clues lead to him. Chuck is not gay, think about it, he's
always fawned over Blair, even slept with her, not to mention
other girls. It's totally Eric.


OMFG i just cannot wait until
Monday!!! i don't think i'll be able
to function if it's Chuck
he's too hott to be gay! ugh


uhm, that wasn't me who posted about chuck, just to be clear. I think that person forgot to change the name... in my opinion, chuck being gay or bi or w/e would totally suck...


Yes I think Eric is gay, but so is Chuck. As someone said earlier, remember that Chuck is also her son. Making Chuck gay/bi-sexual is GREAT for the show.. imagine the trouble he can cause!


i knew it would be eric! he just seems a lil' suspicious, don't u think? plus, i've seen a spoiler pic of eric with a serious face speaking w/ lily and bart in their living room... disscussing what? it's quite likely that it's about his gayness! (: i think that scence will probably show up in the episode all about my brother... thanks for getting the scoop gginsider (: luv alwayz, yale <3


HAHA! I knew it!!! Of course it would be him! I think that he even has a mini-crush on Chuck 'cause he seems to have gotten awfully close to him and remember how upset he was when Chuck moved out?! Omg, he's gonna have his little heart broken...


Whoops I was the one to post the last comment not Jules *blush*


OMG!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!! When Serena went up to him and was like why are you hanging out with him and he said that others guys name I was like *GASP* HES THE GAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooooo glad it isn't Chuck 'cause that had me worried!!!!

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