Kristy Lee Cook Returns to Her Horses

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Kristy Lee Cook won't be on American Idol forever.

After singing the Mariah Carey hit "Forever" on Tuesday night, the contestant who has seemingly lived in the bottom three every week was finally voted off the show.

She was joined in the bottom three by Syesha Mercado and Brooke White, as Cook shed a few tears when her named was announced to close the hour - but she then bucked up and asked: "Can I go ride my horse now?"

Here's a look at the performance that led to Kristy Lee's demise. Check her out singing "Forever" now:


Do you think American made the right choice in voting out Kristy Lee Cook last night?

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I would like to see a night of Amrican Idol when the contestants sing songs from American Idol contestants who made Albums.


I agree that Kristy was going to win, but she will be a great country singer. She has the power of a Patsy Cline and beauty too. Simon is looking for someone to make him money in the pop charts, but he fails to realize the real money is over in the Country Charts. C&W fans still buy CD's rather than trade songs on Limewire. The two Davids will finish the show and either one will be a true winner- Cook will have a number one album in a few weeks, Archuletta may take a couple of years to finish high school but he will be a great star.


I would like to see American Idol - Adam Ant night. His music is so original and would be interesting to see what they would do with it. It would also be great to see Adam perform on the show.


America has to close their eyes and listen. Two years ago in about the same place they voted off another Country singer by the name of Kelly Pickler, she has sold more albums than the last two winners and runner ups combined. Simon wants someone with a perfect voice, well what about Mick Jaegger, that's truely a great voice (ha). It is not the pitch or the octives it's the texture. There are a millon Elvis sould alikes all of them have another job and some have very good voices. You can not sound like Carly Simon and sale records we already have one of those. You have to find that unique quality in a person voice that tells you two notes in who is singing. We are down to one, David Cook, America has voted off the other two (KLC and MJ) and the fourth never made the final 24 thanks to Randy and Polla. You can sound just like Whitney Houston but we got one of those we don't want or need another.
There's a reason Carly Smithson sold 300 albums her last try she sounds like every other singer, cruise ships are full of girls that sound like someone else.


I dont think Kristy will be top 4 but I really dont think she should booted out tonight... her "forever" is better than some others song last night. It was sad that most people just happy to see her leave because of what happened in early days in competition (and because she is VERY PRETTY?) but you have to give her thumbs up for being so brave and confident and getting better and better each week while some others were getting weak... And she's strong and not whiny...Love this girl personality... GO KRISTY!