Meredith Grey: Working on Her Issues

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We've read the Grey's Anatomy spoilers and heard the whispers (even from head honcho Shonda Rhimes) that Derek and Meredith may reunite for good this spring.

But how, exactly, is that going to come about? TV Guide's Michael Ausiello sheds some light on that subject in his weekly Q&A session.

Interestingly, the answer may be guest star Amy Madigan.

Check out what he has to say about her role on Grey's Anatomy...

Question: Do you know for sure if Amy Madigan will be playing the psychiatrist of Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy?

Ausiello: Yes, she's definitely playing her shrink and, presumably, the catalyst that will bring Mer-Der back together by the finale.

Scandalous Again!

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Jessie fcp

Sounds good?


hey! you have a great serie congratulations


i agree with claire, shonda calls herself a feminist and to her mcdreamy can do no wrong.


i don't think they mean its hard for her to go home to LA I think they mean it will be hard for her to be in seattle. like i mean alot has changed. i think she will feel out of the loop.


I read in a magazine that Addison comes for an episode and it's hard for her to go "McHome" !!!!!! Does that mean she might be coming back?? And if Addison does come back and Meredith is working out her issues, I hope they'll be really good friends!!


I really don't think that Meredith's all that bad.... but just as long as she and Derek get back together, I'll be fine with it!!


Ellen Pompeo as Meredith doing scenes with Amy Madigan should be AMAZING!! I'm glad for that and even happier Shonda finally got it together during the strike and realized what fans have known all along, that the characters Meredith and Derek deserve a long term stable relationship. Should have started more than a season ago, but I'm happy it's starting now, and I can (gag) handle the plot device nurse for now because I know Mer/Der will have a chance at an interesting relationship in S5!!


OK, the psychiatrist makes sense as to how they are going to dig out of this divide and the Rose/Derek thing. Now, do I really have to see that they've been dating in the beginning of the new epis? Can't we just skip that part? Uck! Well, if it is definitely going to lead to Mer and Der back together, I will endure a little Rose torture for the greater good! I really can not wait. I think Mer growing (w/ or w/o psychiatric help) is going to be fantastic to see! We need some growing on Der's part. For someone who was going to wait, he jumped on the Rose bus way too fast. So, Shonda and writers, please show us some Der growing too. This is going to be great!! Really the next 2 weeks are going to feel long b/c I am so looking forward to it!!! Do you think Addie's going to come back to kick Der's behind? She'll be his "shrink" in the matter-- she's going to remind him of how she told him he better not hurt Mer again!!


i am excited about this. this story line sounds great. it will be interesting to watch how derek goes from i cant do this anymore to i love you again. and he has to be the one to grovel, meredith is always begging him to take her its his turn to beg. BEG MCDREAMY LOL


I'm almost definatly sure Addison is still coming back, and the shrink isn't throwing a wrench in that.
I'm SOOO happy that Mer will be seeing a shrink. But I'm pretty sure somthing will happen with Derek too...or maybe thats just me..........

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