OMFG: New Gossip Girl Ads Spark Controversy

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While the CW has yet to turn our beloved Gossip Girl into any sort of ratings hit, they're certainly good at creating buzz for it.

With 13 episodes aired to date, the series returns after a long hiatus on Monday, April 21, at 8 p.m., with the first of five new episodes.

To promote the new episodes, the network recently launched a scandalous ad campaign that can be summed up in four letters: OMFG.

There are two sexy new posters promoting the return of the teen soap / drama, both of which will be seen all around the country.

The thing that makes these Gossip Girl posters controversial? Well, they show several couples from the series in seriously erotic poses...


"Oh my (f*%k!ng) God," indeed, Gossip Girl.

It's not hard to see why this ad campaign would stir raise eyebrows. Gossip Girl is a show aimed primarily at teens, and here we have Chace Crawford giving Blake Lively what appears to be a mind-shattering orgasm. Gulp.

Of course, the ad is lot like the show itself that it's edgy, daring, scandalous, and (let's face it) hot. Here's a second version of the OMFG campaign featuring Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick)...

OMFG Again!

What do you think? Which of the two new Gossip Girl ads do you like more - and is the show going too far with the whole "OMFG" angle?

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Disgusting to use the word GOD and f---ing in the same term, let alone to use it to advertise a tv show. Blastphemous. This show should not be watched by anyone with any common decency or respect for other humans and their beliefs. I say FU to anyone who says FU to God.


I think it's ridiculous that some people are dissing this add
It promotes the show, and i agree with some's points..but others? not so much.
The Chuck/Blair one is cleaner, and The serena/nate one is a llittle much....but i think that saying the "OMFG" is innaprpriote for this ad is ridiculous!
The show is riddled with people constantly stating "OMG" thus, if you put one innocent "f" in there, it doesn't make a difference.
People should just accept that the show does include scence such as these. if you don't like it, don't watch it. i think that these ads, sure, the don't display what the show is about, but they do spark intrest and this kind of controversy which obviously they have done purpously.
for those who are complaining about this ad, HAVE. A. BLOODY. CRY and once's forcing you to watch it!


If anyone finds this garbage entertaining then you got some wires loose in your useless head. TV has gotten so disqusting that i don't care if i even have cable anymore. There is more garbage content than good content. Don't tell me just turn it off!!!!!! I guess I have more f'ing common sense. You might as well broadcast all porn and violence anymore!! I'm not some right wing person. Don't give me that s***t!! People need to take responsibility for this crap!!! Get your head on right, stupid. You might as well have the kids sit there and watch you when you bone someone!!!! Hey, that's a good idead. Let's do that!!!!!!!!!!! USE COMMON SENCE STUPID!!!!!!


this is before the cool people came to ggi :)




To be honest: I really don't think using sex as an ad compaign is something to be ashamed of. Regardless of whether or not it's a show for teens. And it says a lot about our world when a company can put out a sexual ad without watering it down. It shows that our world and country are finally able to take sexuality seriously and accept it for what it is: natural(except for those ass-backwards people who are STILL unable to accept the fact that teens have sex . . . and a good majority of them have A LOT OF SEX. which isn't a bad thing at all) Sexuality is nothing to be scoffed at or looked down upon. And those who do are simply uncomfortable with their own sexualities. Brett
age 18
Portland, Maine


I completely agree with Patrick! I LOVE the first one and I would like so much to ave it as a poster.I discovered gg 5 days before the second season started on the cw but i've had seen this poster before and I felt like I was missing what seemed to me a pretty interesting show and I was right. It's true that showing serena and nate together wasn't that smart since at that point of the show they weren't together anymore but it's spicy. The second one is good too but less attractive


I kind of agree with Sandra, but I LOVE the new ads.....Prancer ur obviously too old to watch the show so go find a pile of dirt. U don't have to watch the show! These are just ads..if u already know u won't watch the show then don't talk about the ads!


You're all immature babies. Obviously if your mom controls what you can and can't watch, you shouldn't be watching in the first place! The ads are just to get people talking, and it's doing a fine job. I mean, some old lady even posted in response to the ads! (Yes Jesus freak, I mean you. You're obviously old. Get over yourself and go back to yelling at people to stay off your lawn or something.) Anyways, for all of you who think the ads are too sexy, grow up already. The ads are only going to be more provocative as the seasons go on, because everytime a new ad campaign comes around, you all can be counted on to start complaining about it. Remember the golden rule of public relations: Any publicity, positive or negative is good publicity, and no publicity is bad publicity. You really want the CW to tone the ads down? Stop talking about them. As long as the ads get a reaction, the ads will continue to be just as scintillating as ever.


Um, can I just say, these ads are NOTHING like the show whatsoever. I saw some ads on a bus in NYC with the words "Every Parents worst nightmare" and I thought to myself "What the hell? Who's worst nightmare, do they mean worst nightmare in the sense that this show sucks ass because that's all I can think about..." Then I saw a similar ad with the words "This show is nasty" and my sister commented "Why would they put that in an ad? If a critic says that, isn't that bad?" THAT made my day. Sorry, I know you all love this show and I can respect that, but I just think these ads reek of desperation. We all know Gossip Girl isn't doing well, and despite what they'd love for you to believe, this show is not a "Sex and the City" aimed for teens, it just... it just sucks.


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