Patrick Dempsey is Made of Honor: The Trailer

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Here's the trailer for Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey's new movie you may have heard some things about, the romantic comedy Made of Honor.

Patrick plays a guy who, as the title sort of gives away, is asked to be the "maid" of honor for his female best friend who's tying the knot. Comedy ensues.


We love him as McDreamy more than anything, but after success in Enchanted, Patrick Dempsey is making a name for himself on the big screen, as well.

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This trailer has been around for awhile. I will definitely see the movie, as I love PD. However..........don't know if I love the hair parted on that side. Oh Well, I'll get over it!!!


Unfortunately I don't see the Chemistry between the woman & Patrick Dempsey and I hate how he's getting named "Tom" -- but I WILL love this movie and I'm hoping I'll love it! I even sat through Enchanted which turned out to be wonderful, so... haha, can't wait. Shame is I live in Hong Kong so it probably won't come out until, like, September.


patrick looks so hot in the car in the beginning! =D he looks hot everywhere else, but especially there. i cant wait to see this movie! and lame, keep your negative comments to yourself- enchanted was a great movie and patrick was great in it!


I can't Patrick


That looks great. Enchanted was alright but this looks hilarious (it also helps that this is a more grown up movie, I suppose). I can't wait to go see it.


I can't wait to see this movie! It was great seeing Patrick on the big screen in Enchanted, and I think this one will be as good if not better. And Lame: What do you see in posting negative comments??? It's pointless and rude.


Patrick-- I can't wait to see this one! Looks great! As do you, of course! I am a big fan & just want to say congrats on your recent sucesses! As for you, Lame-- why post on this site at all? Way to go PD!! Oh, and did I mention that we are all dying for April 24th to come?? We look forward to Greys return and the return of our beloved McDreamy. Thanks for your devotion to the show-- and to your fans!!!


It's fantastic to see Patrick back on the big screen again and sorry for the negativity others have posted. Disney's 'Enchanted' was a high grosser because of the nature of the plot and no Pat did not stick out like a sore thumb but leant towards the character of finding your one true love as the contents of the story showed. He is finally finding his niche again in the market after being dropped for so long. Good Luck Patrick and i am sure that the movies will reflect how good an actor he is.


Look it's the male version of "My Best Friend's Wedding" *rolleyes*. Enchanted was more Amy Adams and James Marsden movie. Patrick sticked out like a sore, old thumb. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie flops.....


I can´t wait to see this movie. Patrick is SO HOT. Just to let you know if you´d like to see stills from episode 13 which is the episode Addie is in then go nto spoiler tv. It also has stills from episode 12. but you´ll have to go back a bit to find them.

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