Reality TV Rumor: David Cook is Dating Lacey Schwimmer

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According to OK!, David Cook has more to celebrate than just an incredible run on American Idol.

That tabloid's sources say the talented rocker is dating another reality TV stalwart: Lacey Schwimmer, who finished in the top four So You Think You Can Dance last season.

The insider claims Schwimmer is "falling hard" for the rocker. She has been in the audience at the American Idol tapings for the last two weeks, even describing Cook's feelings on his brother being in attendance for last night's show:

"His brother came to town a few days ago, and he's not in the best of shape and you can tell it's affecting David and everything," Schwimmer said to People Magazine. "But I think it's a good thing that he's here because it shows that his brother is still supporting him."

David Cook, Lacey Schwimmer

So, You Think You Can Date? David Cook and Lacey Schwimmer supposedly do.

The pair met two weeks ago during rehearsals for the Idol Gives Back special.

"Lacey met David during rehearsals and they had an intense chemistry immediately! They were totally flirting and she was joking with him saying, 'Don't make your heart rate go up too high.' They have the same sense of humor," OK!'s source added.

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She is beautiful! I hope it is true. Her eyes are very tranquilizing!!!! David is hot, she is pretty, that equals a pretty hot couple!


They would make an adorable couple...the age difference? who really cares...also, its probably better publicity coming right off american idol for him to appear single and only "rumored" to be dating. Im happy for them (secretly jealous) but happy, even if they're just friends, they've been through similar stuff with the reality shows, Im sure they enjoy someone who knows what they've been through.


David please go find someone who does not make it her business to discuss your brother with People magazine or others. She was wrong to discuss and devulge that he was in bad shape and it effected you. She probably meant no harm but being young she does not realise that once you become a celebrity of sorts there is a way to handle the tabloids and she handled it wrong on your behalf and that of your brother and family. Anyway have fun, then take a break for yourself after the idol tour and get ready to release a record as you said "that will stand the hair up on the back of your kneck" I believe was your quote. Be smart David-we all love ya--She does not look like his type anyway to me. Seems like a nice girl but just not his type somehow.......your music comes first now along with your brother and family----


Well he can do what he wants and date who he wants but in my opinion I think he should be concentrating on his career and getting a great album out. He is too talented to waste this opportunity here. I like David Cook and beleive he is talented songwriter and singer. IF and I mean IF it is true that he was missing curfews and his last performances on idol were not up to par b/c of Lacey and staying out late or whatever then I believe he is being foolish. It may just be a fling adn how he can rest up after the tour as he deserves adn then get going on writing his own music with others or however the contract will be set out but I hope he does get to write his own also. His own music is fantastic. I alos think that Lacey was WRONG in giving her opinion on Davids brother adn also how David was dloing. David does not even speak of his brother only breifly and even that he does not want to do he is very private so in my opionion she was very wrong to do that. I would be upset if someone I barely knew took that upon themselves to discuss especially being such a sensitive matter. She was wrong and had no business in doing so. For this reason David needs to concentrate on Music adn not on romance that could effect his ablilty with this new contract. I am not saying he cannot date or see who he wants he is a grown man and it is his business but I do think this should be the last thing on his mind right now. Sure go ahead and have some fun but DO NOT blow this fantastic opportunity on someone who especially had no right or businees in discussing your brother etc. Anyway I look forward to hearing his album when it does come out and hope to see him in concert one day.----GOOD LUCK DAVID--WE ALL LOVE YA we just want the best for you--but maybe you know better than I--just my opinion.


i refuse to believe this..hmmm, but a lot of sites are reporting on this so it's pretty hard to ignore. oh well, david cook's too good for her anyway. but seriously,lady looks like a dude.


shes 20 right and he is...25 almost 26 age gap common please....ha-ha im majorly jealous dang it why do i have to be falling for this dude...daymmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


they are dating?god that breaks my heart oh well as if he will LIKE ME ha-ha!david archuleta is the mormon not this real or justa rumor?mail me anyone...


Wow, I hate rumors! I don't believe this for a minute! David said TWICE and very clearly he is indeed single. And, if Lacey wanted to keep their relationship " hush hush", then how do tabloids already know about this? David would not lie to his fans about being single. If he loves his fans, then he wouldn't have any reason to lie. David also has enough going on between American Idol and his sick brother. The American Idol contestants barely have room to breath, let alone date! And Lacey and David only met like what, twice?!


thay do make a good couple but if i c dem 2gether it"ll brake my heart


what do you mean david cook's a mormom.....he rocks my world