"Where The Wild Things Are" Photo Gallery

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Can you tell we're excited? We posted some promos from the long-awaited new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Where The Wild Things Are," a little while ago.

Now we have a bunch of still photos for you (sorry about Rose). Click to enlarge any, or click on our episode gallery page! We can't wait until next Thursday...

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i adoree george!! he look so cute =)


Firstly i qant thak Kathy for all the amazinks relating to Patrick . Kathy keep them coming. Secondly for some amazing pics from the episode that Addie it´s the one after this one go to spoiler tv & there´s also a couple of interviews with CL & PD. One more thing at the top the top of the page ithere´s an article it an interview with Shonda about some of the thing we can expect from the last few episodes S4 of GA. I also hope the HOT kiss is Mer/Der P´s the only thing i like about these pics IS Derek look SO FREAKIN HOT. PD THANK YOU for growing your hair back all they need to now is to bring back Derek´s stuple. Then Derek will back to old McDreamy self.


George looks so ugly in these pics
I love Alex's new look.


I saw pictures from the "piece of my heart" and there were none of ROSE!! THANK GOD! Lots of Addison! It said that MER and DER are running a clinical trial and there were lots of pictures of them working together!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that's what draws them back!


Plesae tell me DER didn't buy Rose flowers and then give them to her at WORK! Is he going to kiss Rose at work too? How cruel can he be! I might want to kill MCDREAMY before they put them back together. I better keep soft things around to throw at the T.V. No wonder they have MER saying if she could leave she would! Poor MER now I wish she had some good looking guy interested in her to drive DER nuts again!
I thought her saying that she was transfering to another hospital might be the way they end up back together because he would realize that he couldn't live without her....... But heck they have her saying that she can't leave on the first show. Now I am really dying to know what is going to put them back together.
Will April 24th ever get here?


I gave the wrong link above. Sorry. http://www.eonline.com/videos/...


EWWWWWW!!!! Get McThorny off the screen! She makes me vomit a little in my mouth, actually she makes me vomit a lot. So does Lexie. I can't stand the sight of either one of them! UGH! They should just leave or become lesbian lovers or something or better yet, they can both get run over by a steam roller.


I saw this video of E with PD and MM on their new movie and he was asked several other questions other than about the movie. He touched alittle on that and his new deal with Avon and also GA. He was asked since he has SO much going on these days, when was he going to let go of his role as "Dr. McDreamy"?
My heart dropped when I heard her ask that question.........He laughed and said well I'm under contract and I don't think they'll be letting me out of it. Then he said how grateful he was for GA and if it wasn't for GA he would not be sitting there and answering these questions. He said I'll probably be there for a couple of more years. Then he said how he liked the mdecial stories that were coming up and he liked where his character was going and his relationship. He was having fun!
Even though I think we all knew they were under a "6" year contract and in two years they will be up ....I just hate to hear that, you know? I HOPE and have afeeling as BIG as PD is and being the star of the HIT TV SHow that ABC will do whatever they can to keep him longer than his contract states. Now whether he accepts that , we don't kow, but I sure hope he agrees to stay a little longer than his 6 years and hopefully he'll agree if they make it worth his while! You could also tell how happy he is with the new directions with Mer/Der! You never know, that may make a difference too in his decision down the road! Lets hope so! Here is the link. http://community.tvguide.com/b...


It's the song 'Pocketful of Sunshine' by Natasha Bedingfield :) Love the pics, but Rose has to leave !
I'm really looking forward to the new episodes, but ugh, I don't wanna see Derek with Rose !! *Pukes*


Who sings and/or what is the name of the song in the new GA airing April 24th? Take me away?

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

The first time I kissed my wife, she wasn't my wife then, she was just this girl in a bar. But when we kissed, it was like, I gotta tell you, it was like I'd never kissed any other woman before. It was like my first kiss. The right kiss.


[narrating] "At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in. Life is messy, that's how we're made. So you can waste your life drawing lines or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines that are way too dangerous to cross. Here's what I know. If you're willing to throw caution to the wind and take a chance, the view from the other side... is spectacular."