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Who Was Your Favorite American Idol?

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We'll review tonight's American Idol broadcast in more detail later on - complete with photos, videos and more - but, for now, we have one simple question:

Who do you think did the best job? Leave a comment. Let us know.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Idols

The American Idol finalists, pictured here with Andrew Lloyd Webber, sang Broadway show tunes this week.

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How could the American public allow a performer like Carly to be eliminated this evening? She should have been the winner or runner-up at leastwith a voice like hers.


what are you americans voting for talent or crap? i don't think brooke or jason coulds sing so what are they still doing there stop voting for crap and vote for talent.


I thought David A. was fabulous!


Syesha and David Cook both dazzled me last night. I was not surprised that Syesha would excell in this genre of music. She is very theatrical in her performances. David Cook blew my mind. He has been a strong favorite of mine anyway but David Cook taking on the phantom of the opera was a huge and very happy surprise. I have to give kudos to David A for his pop version of " Think of me" That was a daring move. My heart broke for Brooke when she forgot her lyrics.I hope she gets to stick around one more week.I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!


I think Seyesha did great, the best of the night. I love Jason, he is my favorite and I think he really felt the song. And David Cook was great as always.


I love Jason Castro,Brooke, and David Cook.It really doesn't matter what Jason sings. I just love his voice.If he released an album today, I would be the first in line to buy it.


David C. he has the best voice, he sings from the soul. No matter who wins at this point, they all will have fabulous careers, and I will buy thier cd's...


David Cook is AWESOME! I am so bored with David A. He sounds the same each week and never mixes it up. He has a beautiful voice, but he's so boring to watch. David C. has so much charisma, stage presence, etc. I also really like Jason. But David C. deserves to win it all. No matter what happens, he's going to have a huge career, just like Daughtry.


Definitely Carly and David C. Both just great performances. I also really like Jason alot.


For uniqueness and talent I am a fan of Jason Castro and David Cook. I hope to see both of them in the finals. David A. is a cute little boy but so so boring and common. Enough with the same old thing.
My money will go on purchasing cds from Jason Castro and David Cook.
Jason has been amazing every week and this week wasnt his strongest but he is too talented to go home this early.
I think it is time to say goodbye to Brooke.

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