Brooke Knows Best Premiere Date, Synopsis

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VH1 has announced that Brooke Hogan's ridiculous spin-off to Hogan Knows Best, Brooke Knows Best, will premiere on July 13 .

Here's a portion of the press release about the series:

"No longer an innocent teenager [her parents are divorced and her brother is in jail], Brooke learns what growing up is really about. For the first time, Brooke is learning how to deal with the ins and outs of daily life, new relationships, of her family's recent struggles, as well as managing her career and finances without Mom and Dad."

Brooke Knows Best Premiere Date, Synopsis

The cast of Brooke Knows Best will consist of Brooke, and her two roommates, Ashley and Glenn.

We'd love to know: Does anyone think Brooke Hogan really knows best? About... anything?!?

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I love the show Brooke is just a great person! I would love to see her and glenn hookup!!!!! ha ha yea right. So i wonder if they edit brookes face or body at all because if not she always looks fabulous!!! Keep it up girl.


Ashley Is Hot ,,


is ur dad ever gonna be on the show? i know its gonna be a good show n all but im just wondering if ur dad will be on it? and if ur dad will remake Hogan Knows Best but im pretty sure this show is gonna be good


booke you need to meet dog-beth chapman
they could help out nick. ma-pa . that
would be great so you know mr and mrs
dog -beth chapman that would be great
dog chapman and beth can talk to nick
and maybe that well better we love you and
your dad and mom too and nick.
hook up with dog the bounty hunter
for you show s- guest you know they are good
people too and the osboure too.
hook them too. that realy show
keep up with you music too.
nick would love meet dog chapman.
maybe he would understand more
dog-beth chapman good law people
that why there for us and your
family we love dog the bounty hunter
hogans-brooke know best- the osboures.


I don't think anyone should say anything negative about anything until they have tried it (seen it, in this case) for themselves. I look forward to seeing at least 4-5 episodes of "Brooke Knows Best" before I even being to think of judging her or her show in a positive or negative way.