Chace Crawford on Rachael Ray

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford appeared on Rachael Ray's talk show recently, and was surprised to learn that his parents sent in old pictures of him from when he was a kid (and a cute one at that).

See sweet Chace Crawford mullet action below ...


Chace Crawford is forced to re-live his pre-Gossip Girl days.

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omg chelsea, you know his dad? god you must have met him or something, im so jealous. i loved the pictures, they were adorable and gave me a good laugh. and who cares how old the episode was, hes famous isnt he? it shouldnt matter at all




Haha is dad is my dermatologist. He told me about that. lol He's a cool gut.


That was an old episode I was all excited to see Chase on the show again but it was the same exact episode I saw lat year!!!


I definatly like the last two with the water and no shirt and then the one with his dog.. i love dogs.. especially cute ones.. yeah i think he does look like the cracker jack kid.. lol thats so funny.. hes still hot no matter what he is wearing or what his hair is like..


that show was such a rerun. I saw it in December.
But yeah, he was cute. But then, he always is.
I like the sailor picture. He DOES look like the
Cracker Jack kid!!!


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