Clay Aiken Knocks Up Jaymes Foster!

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This is more shocking news that the elimination of Michael Johns earlier this season:

Clay Aiken is going to be a father!!! Multiple sources have told The Hollywood Gossip that the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay's close pal. He lives at her home when he's in Los Angeles.

A New Father!

The 50-year-old Foster, who produced several Aiken CDs, is due in August. She's the sister of record mogul David Foster. Oh, and she was artificially inseminated. Clay may have been achin for a child with Jaymes, but not through the natural means of reproduction.


We've heard that Clay will plau an active role in raising the child, though there's been no immediate word from Aiken's rep.

So, you tell us: Will Clay Aiken make a good father?

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What would you do if the internet crashed for good? Would you get used to life with less communication and less "being connected" or would you be pretty bummed for the rest of your life? This is assuming it was not fixed. Perhaps some largescale EMP attack or something that crippled it for the next 50+ years or so.


How many times you eat during a normal ... every day life?
are you the type of person who eats a bit and often?
or rarely and too much? i usually have 3 and i'm the 2nd type of person (though it's not that healthy) 8 am breakfast 3pm lunch 9pm a snack.


It's recently started to warm up here in Sunny England. Now I actually quite enjoy the warm weather and usually I take full advantage.
But one thing that is annoying during the hot summer months is the fact it makes sleeping very difficult. Sometimes I just lay there a soak the pillow in sweat!!
I try to combat this by plugging in the fan next to the bed.
What methods do you use to make sure you get a good and comfortable nights sleep during the hot sticky summer nights?


And by pissed, i mean drunk...completely hammered: So a mate of mine got pissed at work the other day (i work with him) and at the end of the shift i had to drive him home, there was no way i was letting him drive. He wanted to of course. So because a did this he filled the car up with fuel and bought me beer for when i got this is the first time anything good has come from going to work pissed, or getting pissed at work. And he was talkin crap the whole time we were in the car, so it was hilarious, i was having fun. Turns out he had to get up real early in the morning to go to work again. LOL haha, poor bugger! Anyone else got pissed at work? Any stories?


I'm looking to buy a gaming console soon, and I know nothing about them. I've asked a few of my friends what they would recommend and it's become a toss up between a PS3 and an Xbox360. At the moment I'm leaning more towards a 360 because it's cheaper.
So, basically what I'm asking is which console is the best, in your opinion for a complete novice? Which has the wider selection of games (if there's any difference), and which has the better features?


Its 9:30 and someone tells you to come meet them in some parking lot.
You barely know this person and its late at night,not super late but it
is dark out now.
Would you go?


I've already come to the conclusion that one diet will work wonders for one person yet not make a slight difference to another.
What diets have you done that actually worked for you?
How long did you keep it up? (Yes I'm assuming you gave up at some point) I've done many diets in my life and each time I gave up keeping it going for various reasons.
One does stand out though and that's the cabbage soup diet. It is meant to cleanse your body of all the bad foods you've had and should only be done for one week since it is not a diet for life. I can say it really worked. My mum and I did it (I think 10 years ago) She lost about 3 kg in that week and looked no different in her appearance. I, on the other hand lost nothing, yet I looked great.
In a nut shell the diet consists of having a certain recipe for cabbage soup which you can eat as much as you want the entire week, and every day you eat something else (can't remember the list though..) How about you?


Recently one of my friends started an obsession with the actor Nicholas Cage (mostly because their names are both Nicholas - sounds strange but he is strange and that isn't the point). After asking around the rest of my friends he seems to be a very controversial figure.
What does the forum think? do you love the all action superhero? Or do you hate the droning voice of the man who does nothing but action shooters?


I think Burger King is the better fast food joint out of the two of these. The burgers taste better, the fries taste better, the have WAY better pies and the only thing McDonalds does better than them is the chicken nuggets.