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Discuss "Freedom" in our Grey's Anatomy Forum!

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We've read the Grey's Anatomy spoilers, heard about the kisses and talked about the show's promising return at length. All that's left now is a two-hour season finale, one that promises to have us glued to our seats - then jumping out of them!

Everything reaches its breaking point tonight. Meredith and Derek near the end of their clinical trial - and battle their own personal trials - while Izzie confronts Alex about Rebecca and the strange Mark / Callie / Erica tension continues to boil.

What do you think will happen on tonight's Grey's Anatomy finale?

Please let us know. Discuss "Freedom" with fellow Grey's Anatomy fans before, during and after the show in Grey's Anatomy Insider's forum...

Discuss "Freedom" in our Grey's Anatomy Forum!

After the show, we'll have our official Grey's Anatomy episode recap up after the show, along with our photo gallery, music guide, quotes and Round Table discussion!

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I love the finale! :)
But I there's a possibility that the bad parts kept from the last episode will be part of the fifth season. Oh well.


what merdith did at the end was the sweetest thing thats ever been on the show. that had to be the best episode this season if not ever. i loved how everyone got with there lover at the end.(besides hahn and callie- that was sick and i don't like it for the show) mer-der is back together and hopefully will never be apart again(: season 5 will probably start around the end of september, thats around when season 4 started.


i get it that some people are dissapointed, but i really really loved this episode! and..does anyone know when season 5 comes?


Okay, so I stopped watching mid-season. I'm busy with my career and I haven't felt like this season was really as good as the past seasons. So, needless to say I've missed the majority of this season, but I did watch the finale last night. I'm not impressed. It just seems like the writers are giving people exactly what they want. I know the country is on the brink of a fiscal depression and no one really has a lot of hope regarding the price of gas, but this is life and art immitates life and this "art" falls short for me. One of the reasons I've been a regular viewer of Grey's in the past is because it has tragedy and it really used to get to me. Now, its just too predictable. Not to mention, why the hell does Dr. Torrez have to be bi or gay or whatever? Why can't there ever just be a hot, plus-size woman on tv? Well, I guess I'll spend the next month or so catching up on the episodes I've missed and see if it makes the ending any better, however I doubt it will. Oh, well. Thats life.


Derek and Meredith are love. So much chemistry after all this time. Four reasons in and Patrick and Ellen still give me tingles. The looks, the kissingthe flirting. Noone can hold a candle to them. SO MUCH LOVE


And a continuation of my first post, please don't let Rose be pregnant.


OMG is all I have to save about last nights show. This has to have been my favorite show. We have waited 3 seasons for Meredith to finding out what her committ issues. There had been poll going around the internet as to who was going to get the "Big Kiss" well we know now it was all of them. We have waited so long for Mer-Der reunion that the writer had better not have the Season Opening show to be that something happens to Derek going to talk to Rose.


1 word : WOW !


omg i absolutely loved the episode but what pisses me off is that itunes only has the second half of the episode well hopefully it will come out soon oo and just a thought i thought that meredith was going to do someting when she started to clean ava's blood off the floor because of what her mother did in the kitchen ("suicidal")
like there might have been a flashback or something i am just ultra happy that meredith built te house like that! it shows how much she really loves him and wants this life with him
and i think that i will have to kill shonda Rhimes if she hurts mcdreamy because that would just ruin it like i woul be soooooo sooooooo pissed to see him worry meredith (have his beautiful face scarred)
well anyway, shonda screw drama let mcdreamy have 1 happy ending!