Gossip Girl Spoilers, News For Season Two

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As we discuss the terrific recent episodes and await next week's Gossip Girl season finale, it's never too early to start thinking about next fall and the amazing drama that is still to come!

Inside sources confirm that Gossip Girl will have an extra-long season next year, to make up for the ones missed this year due to the strike, E! Online reporter Kristin Veitch has revealed.

While nothing will be made official until next week when the CW announces its schedule in New York City, sources say Gossip Girl has been confirmed for 24 episodes for its second season!

Also, E! caught up with Leighton Meester on the set of Entourage (she's there shooting a guest stint for the HBO comedy), and Gossip Girl's Queen B said Gossip Girl will be in the Hamptons at the beginning of season two.

Leighton in Yellow

"Because you gotta go to the Hamptons, right?" she said with a giggle. "And, by the way, we aren't shooting in Staten Island like they did on Sex and the City. We're shooting in the real Hamptons."


Leighton added that the cast calls Michelle Trachtenberg's character "Geor-gina" in the way that rhymes with a female body part.

Get it? Figure it out.

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    i tnik to get jeny and nate back togeter jenny should be in a car accident and she is at hospital and nate rushes over and sees her and relise how much he loves her and he breaks up with vanessa or blair wateva one he is dating and says that ure not the girl i want to be with and then wen he is holding her hand while she is in a coma or sommin she wakes up and he says something sweet to her saying she is the one and they get back together


    ive just started collecting all the gossip girl books i got gossip girl on dvd for christmas and i cnt stop watching it and im really exciting and looking forward to season 2 but i hope georgina is not in it cuse she does spoil the show but i do hope dan and serena and dan get back togther
    nate is hotttt
    blair nate serena and jenny are my favourite characters


    I just watched the whole episode of gossip girl three days ago.I love chuck, he is a great guy,cool amd devious.blair is a beauty but devious.I don't like what is going on between dan and s.well in season 2 i hope chuck and blair hook up.lets leave the rest to fate.


    Bitter-sweet and soo damn intriguing... Blair and Chuck u r soo gud together.. 2 upper class individual with shellfish motives learn to get along and find each other into a point where Me never really compensate the word us or shall i call it /LOVE!!!


    okay, i am new to this gossip girl thing, like i just watched the whole season in the last 24 hours.
    but from what i see, i really like serena and dan together. i dont care what the books say, because clearly i have not read those. but they were amazing together in the season, and dan should suck it up and trust her again. they clearly love eachother.


    i think that s will date nate and that dan will date his friend


    oh! i love G she's the bomb...


    i was devastated when chuck changed his ind. i loved him with alir. of course i still love him because hes like that. I don't know what to think. i think serena and nate should be together, although i was kinda disappointed about nate and jenny. who knows i never really liked dan, he can go off with vanessa. am i the only one who thought eric and jenny at the beginning? no hope for that now. so exited. i love chuck! he xoxo


    i HATE georgina i hope she never comes back
    as for the relationships...
    i think serena and nate are meant for each other they are such a cute couple!!! and blair should go with that guy she met on the helicopter in the season finale, he's soooo cute. jenny and chuck should get back together, and dan and vanessa are meant for each other


    one more.. BLAIR SHOULD BE WITH NATE..
    well at leas thats what i think.. ;P
    chuck with jenny
    dan with serena
    vannessa with idk