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Grey's Anatomy Season Finale: Sneak Previews

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Below, you will see a sneak peak from Thursday's two-hour Season 4 finale, "Freedom." Cristina Yang is unusually cheerful - and there's a reason for it. George, meanwhile, is reveling in his role as the Chief's intern, while Izzie stresses about Alex and Rebecca ...


Looks like a terrific Grey's Anatomy season-ender. Follow the jump for another "Freedom" clip, in which Callie and Mark flirt, Cristina and Izzie argue over the sparkle pager, Bailey thinks they're all weird, and there's also a really... big... trauma ...


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when you're pregnant you want a lot of sex. Any guess ??? Really ???


rose is not preggo. if she is im never watching greys anatomy again. im very excited about the merder runion. i do believe they are doing it realistically. shonda sat down with both patrick and ellen and talked about it and patrick even said he needed it to be realistic. im just so excited for them. and that cement thing is going to be awesome. CRAZY! and im excited for the mcsteamy nude scene!


"Me and MY world class neurosurgeon." ...hmmm... really hoping this leads to a bigger - thann- planned - for Mer/Der reuiniting. I CAN'T WAIT! Eww...and if Rose is pregnant, I'm gonna shoot someone. That's NOT a possibility.


Sneaks look good - very excited. Glad to see the guys back to how they should be: Christina competitive yet awesome, Izzie just hillarious and George still acting as the Chief's Intern. Cannot wait for MerDer either, I just hope they do it in a semi-realistic way (I think full on realistic is just impossible now) and there are no lingering doubts about Rose.


OMG this is gonna be HUGE!!!!!! i cant wait to see the fated mer/der hookup it should be awesome! anyway, yeah rose is def not preggo, thats a certainty!! oh and i heard somewhere that even though callie and mark are flirting there is another steamy kiss with hahn and callie!!! did anyone else hear anything about that?!?!? As always...
Grey's Rules!!!! SERIOULSY!!!!! :) oh and i ttly loved mer's ME and MY world class neurosurgeon comment!!! lol! def foreshadowing!! :) :) :) :) eeek! im soooo... EXCITED!!


rose is def. not preggers...mer/der get 2gether for good and rose is out of the picture...about time! cant wait to see the epi...thursday come fast! its gonna be a big one!!!!!!


Where'd you hear that someone's preggo???


no! rose can't be pregnant!!! ewwwww =/


hey I hear that someone is pregnant, and there is a big chance that rose is the one who is pregnant!!


yea there is going to be more seasons!
It's the SEASON finale, NOT series.