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Season Four ended just one week ago, but speculation has already turned to Season Five (can you believe it) of Grey's Anatomy next fall.

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has some gossip about the length of next season as well as a big Grey's Anatomy spoiler involving a character who shared in one of last Thursday's major kisses - and may be in for a surprise.

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Question: Now that the Grey's finale has aired, can you tell us which kiss was the "major" one that Shonda Rhimes was talking about?
Ausiello: Based on her morning-after post-mortem, I think she was referring to Mer-Der's big smooch. Personally, the Alex-Izzie kiss was the only one that made me "lean into the TV."

Question: I just watched an interview with Patrick Dempsey where he mentions that Season Five of Grey's Anatomy will be 30-34 episodes long. Any scoop on that?
Ausiello: Really? He said that? My sources are telling me it'll be closer to 24 episodes.

Question: Got any Grey's Anatomy scoop?
Ausiello: I hear someone may be preggers â€" and that someone shared a red-hot smooch in the finale!

Who do you think it is? The two people shown below? Tell us your thoughts on this potentially huge Grey's Anatomy Season Five spoiler!

Torres and Sloan

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i wouldnt be suprised if its going to be someone we dont even expect... i mean meridith and callie seem to obvious....


i really really hope its meredeth but it could also be that cancer patient beth, because she could like come back in the show because shes pregnant and meredith and derek could like get into trouble because they let it happen and they shouldn't of .but i still really hope its meredith because that would be adorable.


I'm so happy that Callie isn't going to be the one that's going be pregnant. I don't want anything to screw up her and Erica's relationship especially since it hasn't even gotten started yet.


I think MerDer r so cute! But i think they need time to work on themselves more. if a mcbaby came along than thats just giving mer another reasin 2 run.
The most probably candadit is Callie caz she's bin having lots of "meetings" with Mark in on-call rooms.


Why OH WHY a pregnancy arc? On every show, it's a one clear sign of inspiration and creativity swirling around the drain.


If Callie gets pregnant, then I don't want she and Erica to work out! I don't want the writers to move so damn fast with a lesbian storyline, it's so damn unrealistic. Not to mention, we all know what would happen. Mark and Callie would get back together and raise their child, blah blah blah blah. I would rather Brooke and Sandra get their wish of becoming a couple. Now you want to talk about interesting LOL. At least it would give the writers a wonderful chance to explore the Yang/Hahn love/hate relationship. Would be really cute to watch them get all tongue-tied LOL. Maybe Callie is the one for Mark, who knows. He seems to really care about her. They hinted that a lot in the 4th season. I really want Callie and Erica, because they have already established them but it will turn me off if they move too damn fast. Sorry guys, I can't down shift that fast.


let it be anybody but Rose . Dont break Mer/Der again pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Okay, I know Callie is the "obvious" choice and thus the one people think won't happen...because then where is the surprise, but... 1)Only avid spoiler readers like us know there is a possibility of someone being preggers, it would be a surprise to anyone else. And as it was not a big cliffhanger (like multiple people taking a pregnancy test and one being positive but us not knowing who), the element of surprise is clearly not important to the plot...what is important is the character's reactions. So even though Callie is the "obvious" choice, it actually makes her more likely...
2) As already mentioned, she was having sex like everyday, multiple times a day. The other characters haven't been sleeping around that much, and though it only takes one time to be preggers, there are certain days and such that make it more likely, and since Callie's done it everyday...
3)I really think Shonda Rhimes was a little nervous about the Callie/Erica kiss. On one hand, I think she would love to explore their relationship....but if the public for some reason had a really anti Callie/Erica reaction, she would need a way to get rid of Callie/Erica and FAST. Callie being preggers with Mark's baby gives Callie a possible "out"
4) However, since fans seemed to like Callie/Erica, Callie having a baby just adds to the angst...Mark will of course want to be a part of the baby's life...can you just see Mark and Erica going with Callie for her sonogram and such? Much possibility for some funny and angsty scenes.
5) Sloan kinda got into that mood where we found out a part of him wants to be a daddy....with this in mind, he is a good choice for a father, and the only girl he's been sleeping with that shared a kiss in hte finale was Callie. Also, Meredith and Derek are going to be finding out what it means to finally be together. While they will for sure have kids, it won't be this soon. They JUST got together again. George and Lexie while I agree are a great couple, they don't need a baby to stay together, besides, Lexie is in her first year of her internship...she'd probably have to take a year off. (Besides, their angst will probably be that George gets to be a 2nd year resident and then he starts ignoring her until she sets him straight) And Alex and Izzie I think is just very unlikely....


its got to be callie. if mer got preg shed prob get scared and run away again. thats her personality. its too soon for her to get preg and not freak out. since shonda has said they are def together for good i doubt that would happen. only other option would be erica but that wouldnt bring mcsteamy into the picture, except for a 3 way and i kind of doubt erica will let mark join them no matter how much callie likes him.


Well, I'm not exactly sure who is prego, but im pretty sure it's Callie, just because the director wouldnt want to take such a big step like making Merideth pregnant. I'm almost sure it will be Callie and Sloan, (Mark), because they did do a lot of "hanging out" in the on-call room.

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