Heroes Spoilers: Sylar Slices!

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Our thanks to Kristin from E! Online for this disturbing Heroes spoiler...

Sylar slices open the head of the person you may consider the show's biggest star! That happens within the first two episodes and we also learn exactly what he does once Sy-baby pops the lid on our heroic pals, so let's just say that there is plenty to look forward to early on in season three.

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in Heroes Season 3 im not sure but aarently in the first 3 minutes of the opening chapter Claire Shoots peter but at the same time says i always loved you which is a bit confusing if your aboutt to shoot someone :S All i no is that Claire is Evil in the Future :P


It said the show's biggest star not character, and I would guess that the actress or actor of most repute recently would be Kristin Bell. So it could be Elle.


When they say he slices open someones head...do you think that part of the episode will be reallygory and graphic?? what is tha actual age rating for Heroes?


"Who shot Nathan?" I mean seriously now. This is beginning to sound like Dallas's
sound like "Who shot J.R.?" Soon we'll all find out that "it
was all just a dream." LOL. Except that it will be some time
paradox, or...we'll come up with something. After all, unlike
originally intended, Sylar is still going strong and slicing,
isn't he? After the disappointing ending of season 1 and an
uninspiring season 2, it has become all too clear that the
writers have no idea where they are going with all this and
are making it up as they go along. In other words what begun
as an original story, rich in promises, is just stuttering for
lack of good writing and has turned into a soap opera.


Yeah, Its definately going to be in either a 'vision' or in a future episode, and they are going to have to go back and change something in the past to prevent it - only proof needed for that is the opening episode is called 'Butterfly Effect'... :)


Many may consider Peter Petrelli the show's biggest star,
therefore Sylar may slice his head open, but it will be done in
an episode based in the future. as we know Hiro will be killed
by his own sword, Matt's throat is slit open. This is in the
future and Peter or Hiro must see it in the first few episodes
and have to change something in the past, for all we know this
may be the reason Peter shot Nathan (to stop that future). I
don't know who shot nathan, i am just taking a guess

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