It's David Archuleta vs. David Cook!

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Yes, we know all American Idol fans are familiar with this finals match-up, taking place Tuesday night. We can't wait to see who takes home the crown.

But The Hollywood Gossip has already pitted these two singers against one another in a feature that site refers to as "Tale of the Tape" Check it out NOW.

What do you think?

Two Davids

America must decide next week: David Archuleta or David Cook?

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david cook is going to win..i dont like david archuleta he is so gay...and he sounds like a lil girl..


listening to both of them now, i can say that david cook grew and improved with the show. david archuleta sounds the same as before... while david cook started from being anonymous... just another David... to gaining the respect of the judges, viewers and more so, the singers of the songs he picked.


David Cook SHOULD win. Archuleta's record would sound monotonous... seriously, if you review all of his performances on the show, they sound almost if not completely the same...


David A is awesome! I think David C. is going to win, but David A will become WAY more famous...don't get me wrong, both of the Davids ROCK!


DAVID COOK.....all the way!


you are so deserve to win! keep smiling david...


David archuleta is the best singer in all the american idols!!!! He deserves to win!!!! I will keep voting David a is the next anerican idol!!!


David Cook has had his turn in the spotlight. How about we make history and inspire other young musicians and let Archuleta win this year?