Parvati Shallow Speaks on Survivor Victory

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Parvati Shallow spoke to Reality TV World after her victory on Survivor: Micronesia was announced Sunday night. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Reality TV World: Why were you so surprised to beat Amanda?

Parvati: It just didn't feel real to me. Everything was just happening so fast. I couldn't believe it was actually happening finally. It was just surreal.

Parvati Shallow Photo

Reality TV World: So did you think you had a chance heading into that final Tribal Council? I talked to Cirie today and she said everybody thought you were the most beatable when it came to the jury vote.

Parvati: Everyone did think I was the most beatable because I made so many people angry. I thought though that I did have a chance because I knew how I was going to position my arguments in the final Tribal Council. I knew I was going to have to go with, "Hey, you need to stand your ground. I made the moves that I made and not going to apologize for them. It's outwit, outplay outlast. That's the name of the game." That's what I did.

Read the full interview now.

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I thought pavorti and the host dated? gues not?