Penn Badgley & Blake Lively: Romance in N.Y.C.

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Gossip Girl costars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are not shooting a scene for their hit show in the photo below. It's just them, dating in real life, and going more public with their relationship!

Below, the couple holds hands and takes a romantic stroll through downtown New York City on Monday, Memorial Day.

They are so cute, we can hardly stand it ...

A Blively Day For a Walk

Follow the jump for two more photos of Gossip Girl's sizzling real-life couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley ...

Blake, Penn
New York Couple

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i really love serena and dan on the show together and i was shocked knowing that they were real lovers.


me encanta su serie nunk me la pierdo.! y mi estilista personal siempre siempre me diseña ropa cm la q usan xq esq me encanta su estilo.!1 y ps shuck es quien mas amo..!! de verdad q su mirada me mata mi sueño es poder cnsegir q me agregen a su e-mail y ps noc q me digan x lomenos hola.!! aunq no hablo ingles espero puedan tomarme encuenta.!!!!


i love dan and serena together even though im a bit hurt because im crushing on penn..haha but actually they look good together..its awesome....


blake is beautiful and dan is very handsome,too .I love youuuuu:)


they look soooooo cute...
i hope they will last for a long time, in the show AND in real life...?


aww they are gorgeous together.
penn is soo hot she's lucky :]


so nice to see them date in real life...though i really like penn and they make one of the best-looking young hollywood couples, still can't shake off the idea of blake and chace getting together too...just think nate is made for serena and ultimately, they would end up together so wouldn't it be lovely if the same thing happens in real life...


lol I liked the serena and dan coupling in the show and I think penn and blake are even more awesome together in real life. hah? to last or not to last? that's not for u to say is it? though I won't know how long but I think this 2 are gonna stick tight for Quite a long time. after all, they know each other well. and dats the upper hand they get. though sometimes I think it is kinda strange of dating ur childhood friend o.O but wtv it is, BLAKE AND PENN are an extremely cute couple. CHEERS to tat =p


They totally look cute tgt man! xD


Um Aubrey, I highly doubt that you and your bf
(if you have one) look as good as Blake and Penn.


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