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For Grey's Anatomy fans who began the season wondering if Dr. ­Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) was gay, last week's season finale offered an answer - she might just be, after Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) made her move.

The two-hour episode - which culminated with Callie planting a kiss on Erica outside of Seattle Grace - had people asking: For the love of The L Word, could EriCal eclipse MerDer as the Grey's Anatomy "It" couple?

Creator Shonda Rhimes tells Entertainment Weekly that we may not have seen the last of this budding (and much buzzed-about) Seattle Grace romance.

Erica and Callie Work It

Is there a future for Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Erica (Brooke Smith)?

"Callie and Erica have an undeniable chemistry," says Shonda Rhimes.

"Watching the story unfold is something the writers are looking forward to. I wanted to illuminate their relationship in the same way we try to do all relationships on the show - ­funny, sweet, honest, and a little bit dirty."

As for Brooke Smith, she doesn't think Dr. Hahn was coming out of the closet in the last few weeks leading up to the finale.

In fact, she and Shonda specifically talked about Dr. Hahn not being gay when Smith first joined the show last fall.

"Earlier this season, we felt it was too obvious that a strong, powerful woman would be a lesbian," says Smith.

"In fact, Dr. Hahn decided she wasn't going to have a relationship at work, though clearly she came to the wrong hospital."

Like the fans, Smith said she and Ramirez were kept guessing about their relationship until days before taping of the final episode.

Even fellow Grey's Anatomy cast members like Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) were caught off guard by the surprise kiss; Smith remembers him gasping at the table read for "Freedom," saying, "Are you two getting together?"

"Sara Ramirez is not a bad choice. She's pretty hot!" says Smith.

"Why not? I'm game."

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I have to agree with my friend Anne in that I think Erica and Callie should have remianed friends to show the power of friendship. However, I think the issue of homosexuality in women is a vital one. However, I think that a relationship between Izzie and Bailey would have been a better choice on Shonda's part. Their chemistry in the scene where Bailey gives Izziethe clinic is explosive!! Also, it's a perfect time as both characters do not have much going on. Izzie is hanging on Alex's plot line and Bailey is newly single. It would be really interesting to see how they would raise young Tuck. Their relationship would be one of contrasts: woman/woman, black/white, old/young, established doctor/not established, pretty/ugly, short/tall. I think it'll happen. Hold thumbs guys. Peace out


To sarah, your comment is backward and confused. Its a shame that there are intolerant people like you in this world. I am a lesbian and I do not feel that love is a privelage afforded only to heterosexuals. Love is a right. Callie and Erica have a blatant and obvious chemistry that has been building up for four episodes. Their kiss was an awsome ending to an amazing finale. Well done


I have to agree, the Hahn-Callie thing seems rushed and/or forced. mamaloa nailed my feelings pretty clearly: they've laid the foundation of Erica saying she dates men; she'd probably date Mark if they weren't coworkers, etc... then we return from the strike to WHAM, let's have Callie develop feelings for Erica and push the boundaries of TV once again. I was truly enjoying the great friendship that Callie and erica were building. But does everything have to lead to a sexual relationship on GA? Apparently so.


I am just going to start buy saying that I have absolutely loved Grey's Anatomy. It was like the greatest show ever until now. I hated hated the Erica Calie thing. I think Calie should get with Mark and Erica should leave the show. I haven't like her from the first time they showed her fighting with Berk over a heart. I would way rather have Berk back. I am going to have to say this season was not that great compared to the others. The Erica Calie thing made me sick. Homosexuals try to say that they are in love with a person of the same sex, but this shows that it is not love, it is nothing but perversion. They are not in love with each other they just want to get with each other. That is all homosexuality is, a sexual perversion. I hated it. I can not keep watching the show if this continues to be this way. I hate it because up until the last three episodes it was my favorite show of all time. Everyone I know that watches the show was totally disgusted with it as well and refuses to watch the show anymore. It just makes me upset and sad.


I love Gizzie and they were not a flop. They were the best couple that ever was on this show. I have not watched one episode since they ended.


George and Izzie are nothing like Erica and Callie, a lot of us have been waiting for them to get together since day 1 and a lot of us have quit the show since they ended, me included. So I would not call them a flop, they had at least half the fanbase watching just for them. The fact that some people hated them does not mean it was a flop especially not when they have so many loyal fans. Erica and Callie have been coming for 4 episodes, they were traces of Izzxie having feelings for George all the way back to season 2.


I loved the Grey's finale more than any other this season (except for my fav LOST...which isn't until tonight), and thought that the writers handled the Callie/Hahn relationship realistically and with respect. It will be very interesting to watch the growth of their relationship, wherever it may take them. There is no need to label it now; two of the top surgeons at Seattle Grace have new and strong feelings for one another, and they happen to be women. It is more common than you might think. And there are plenty of opportunities to make it entertaining (Callie shares an apt. with Christina, and won't that be a surprise for her one morning). Bravo to Shonda and all involved.


I am with Beth on this! Sexuality is NOT cut and dry. You are attracted to who you are attracted to. Sometimes its men and sometimes it is women. This is a very difficult thing for "straight" women to realize. Kudos to Grey's for showing a dimension of the experience of being woman that most shows are too afraid to touch. The last time I saw this was Sex and the City when Samantha was in a realationship with a woman - and that didn't fail because it was with a woman, it failed because Sam was no good at committed relationships. So, people, open your minds and hearts and prepare for a great next season!


The writer's strike forced Shonda and co. to speed this relationship along. If we had of been given the regular amount of episodes it may not have seen like such a sudden thing.


I think it's a great storyline, i really like the chemistry between these 2 and i can't wait to see what will happen next season.


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