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It's safe to say our favorite show is back and better than ever. Below are two questions answered by top TV sleuths Michael Ausiello (TV Guide) and Kristin Veitch (E! Online) about the upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy...

Question: Seems like Grey's Anatomy is heading on the right track to greatness again! Any spoilers to confirm this?

Michael Ausiello: Yes indeed. I just found out which two characters will be performing the "major kiss" in the Grey's Anatomy season finale and trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.

MerDer Love Again

Will it be Meredith and Derek engaging in the unforgettable kiss?

Question: Any Grey's Anatomy scoop involving Hahn and Sloan? They are my new favorite couple.

Kristin Veitch: But isn't she a le...ooker, a looker? Not that there's anything wrong with that! (Wink, wink.) I can tell you that Eric Dane (Mark "McSteamy" Sloan) has a nude scene in the finale. God bless you, Shonda Rhimes! Who he's gettin' naked with I cannot say, but obviously there is gonna be some steam involved. In other Grey's Anatomy news, I'm also told that Ava/Rebecca is actually sick, and that will be a big story line for both Alex and Izzie.

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I really hope the big kiss is between Izzie and Alex too!! They need to get back together. As for the supposed nude scene, cant wait!


hear hear!
People need to pull their heads out of their behinds and realise there are bilions of people in the world and every single one of them craves friendship and partnership. what does it matter what gender these qualities present themselves in?
grow up.


Totally agree with Lauren. Great comment.


It's interesting that so many people comment about wanting an innovative, functional storyline on a primetime that actually imitates life in a relatable way...then when we finally get one...and there's nothing but complaints. The Erica/Callie pairing is intriguing and will allow Callie to explore her own definition of self. Many people have suggested in previous comments that 'people don't just turn gay.' I completely agree with that assessment...but people are generally afraid of the ridicule and obvious outcry their sexual orientation may provoke. Our society leaves little room for an individual to discover/uncover their true identity before a 'label' is slapped on.
Haven't you ever wondered what you would be if you didn't have a preconceived notion of what you SHOULD be?
Most people live a paint-by-numbers kind of where the outline and significant events are already etched out...and all they have to do is go through the motions. Here, Callie has been moving along...painting one number at a time...and then BAM, Erica wiped the slate clean. I can't wait to see how Callie redefines herself...especially considering the strength of her character. Lastly...I can't believe some viewers were offended by the kiss between Erica and Callie...calling it an obvious attempt to shove homosexuality in their faces. Seriously...are you also offended by all of the erectile dysfunction commercials that run 24/7? The sooner we all accept that what makes us the same is far more powerful than what makes us different...the better off we'll all be.


is it just me thinking that hahn & callie really fit together? i hope they come together, callie needs someone new ! (and it can't be sloan, a girl falling for george can't be falling in love with a guy like sloan)


@yvonne: god, you're smallminded..


I have been a faithful watcher from the beginning and after the Callie/Hann kiss - NO LONGER!!!!!!!! Could have implied and not shoved in my face!!!!


ok so this BIG kiss in finale is one we dont see coming... i still think its der/mer, but coz its spost to shock us i reckon they hav massive fight or sumfin first, or maybe he gives her an altimatum (prob spelt wrong) a now or neva scene and she walks away for few secs then turns aroud and goes back to him... rite in front of rose! tho i new thought just struck me, maybe its bailey and o'malley, they are good buds aint they, and i defo didn't see that coming... also i wanna see a girl fight between meredith and rose, let mere fight for him for


Oh i'm pretty sure it will be bailey and sloan
and about Ava i hope she leaves and doesn't come back so that izzy and Alex can be together finally. There is going tobe a lot of kissing in the finale
i think of course
Bailey/ Sloan
Hann/Callie :( And i hope christina meets someone soon


I am assuming that that major kiss between the two major characters will be Callie and Hahn. Though I agree will Kel, it would be cool if the kiss where between Sloan and Bailey. He did say that she was the most respected female at Seattle Grace and plus she stood up for him which I am sure he did not expect. Sad that Ava/Rebecca will be sick. Hopefully she doesn't like die. And thank you, Shonda Rhimes for the whole Sloan being nude in the season finale. I will be sure to set my tv to record when that airs next Thursday.

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