A Grey's Anatomy Character Pregnant in Season Five?

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It's not clear whether this is a full-blown Grey's Anatomy spoiler or only rumor material, but sources, including Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, have hinted that someone who shared big smooch in the finale may be pregnant.

Which Grey's Anatomy character it be, if this were the case? It would have to be Meredith Grey or Callie Torres, we'd think, for obvious reasons.

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Considering all the time spent in the on-call room with Mark, Callie would seem to be the most obvious choice - and throwing a surprise pregnancy into the mix with her fledging lesbian romance would certainly create big drama!

On the flip side, might it be possible that Meredith Grey is somehow pregnant with Derek Shepherd's baby? How long have they gone without ... you know? It's unclear, but with production Season Five (!) underway soon, it's fun to discuss.

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Who's getting pregnant in Season 5? Well, i hope it's Meredith who's pregnant with McBaby. Anyway, I'm from Malaysia and here's just filming Season 4 on TV. We're kinda slow back here. Please don't tell me that it's Rose who's pregnant with McBaby :(


Hello everybody, Can anybody tell what's going to happen with Meredith and Derek?
Are they back together? And who is pregnent?
I'm a belgian girl and we are still waiting for season 4... Thx a lot!


I saw a clip somewhere... ROSE says, "Derek, there's really no easy way to put this, but I'm carrying your child." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Then Derek is supposed to have gotten into a horrible accident after leaving the "house" outlined in lights that Meredith put together.... Horrible. What about a happy ending for once?!?!


OK. This thread is super old, but I'm going to post anyway. Meredith and Derek would make the CUTEST babies! But, I agree with almost everyone on here that it's too soon in the whole-and-healed for that to happen. She should be showing at least a little by now anyway, right? Callie being pregnant would be an INTERSANTE storyline, and DRAMA, which is what the show is supposed to be about, right? Izzie being pregnant would be interesting. She, I think, would be kind of happy, kind of sad. She already has a daughter she's never even met, and now she'd be having a baby who may never know his or her sister? I think, if Izzie were pregnant, then she should be able to at least meet her daughter. Even if Hannah wants nothing to do with Iz, she should at least have the option to know her sibling, ya know? Lexie or Adele.... um, no opinion. Rose... FJKLSAJFPIOJSLKF NO!!!!! I don't mind her pretending she is in the promo, but she's not, so I'm not even going to think about it. =]




Wouldn't it be nuts if rose lied about a baby to keep Der? talk about DRAMA!!!


it is sooooooooooo merder baby!! that is who should get pregent not callie not rose merdeth


okay... i think its definetly between callie and meredith. yes its too soon for meredith but thats what will make more drama. but callie has a higher chance though - from the on call room incidents lol with sloan. but i dont think it will be callie because that is too obvious i think it will be meredith out of the blue. i hope it is because meredith is my favorite character :)


Can you imagine a very pregnant Meredith waddling around Seattle Grace? It would be adorable. She doesn't have to be pregnant right now, it could be in the second half of the fifth season or something. Anything better than Callie being pregnant.

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