A Heroes Spoiler That Will Change Everything!

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As she so often does, Kristin from E! Online has come through with a tease of a Heroes spoiler for next season. This one sounds extra juicy!

Claire is not the only character on the show who is adopted. And the next adoption twist is perhaps my favorite twist ever on this show. You know how sometimes those silly promo guys say things like "It will change everything?" Well this one actually will.

Wow. High praise, indeed. Who could Kristin possibly be referring to as adopted?!?

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We already know Claire is adopted. Spoilers now reveal that another Heroes character is, as well. Our money is on Peter.

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It's Sylar!!! He was adopted, of course and he went to see his father anywho... I saw the whole show, everyone


Its gotta be Sylar. That may very well explain how he got that Ice Powers; from Artur Petrelli when he tracked him down?


I agree with Corey! If they make Claire and Peter a couple,
I will not only stop watching, I'll absolutely hate the series
without a doubt. The role of Claire in S2 clearly was an
attempt to capitalize on the actress' popularity. I see
no really significant point for her after S1. I felt her story
came full circle. Also, c'mon, we've been bombarded with the
whatever courtship between her and her "co-star". Doing a
Claire/Peter love story would only serve to capitalize on
the actors not the characters; characters whose backstory have
been prolonged which is the BIGGEST reason S2
was disappointing! A total shocker for a show that did an
amazing job in its pilot season! I'm hoping they bring in Sylar more to the storyline, his
origins is significant and I think Sylar being a Petrelli
would be a great connection rather than some smaltzy absurd
storyline between Claire and Peter.


PS -- if claire and peter 'fall in love', im no longer watching Heroes, thats suicide and i hope they dont pull something like that. Peter and Claire make a great team, but not as a couple. In all hopes, and prayers for a god, that they don't put those two together in a love story.


Sylar being adopted would probably be the best way to go with that storyline. hence, the videos on youtube of the season 3 preview with angela and sylar together.


Sylar or Nikki is actually adopted and is the daughter of Adam Monroe.


My money is on Sylar being adopted and is actually Angela Petrelli's first son by another man while Dallas was fighting in the war.


It has to be Sylar! I bet it is him. Anyway, I discovered a
video today where Adrian Pasdar talks about Angela Petrelli
and her THREE children. Srsly,


It has to be one of the Petrelli brothers, just so they can
get Claire and Peter together so that it isn't incest. I'm sure i read that she shoots Peter and says "I have always
loved you, Peter" which without it sounding neice and uncle
love it can be real passionate love. I can't think of anyone that if it turned out they were
adopted would really shock me or be real significant. If you think about it:
Micah - no chance/no real reason to be adopted
Matt Parkman - have met his dad, same abilities
Hiro - met his dad, could be adopted - not a problem if he is
Sylar - could be a real poss. if somehow related to Petrelli's
Adam - Is a long distance relation to Nikki from previous marriage
Nikki - have learnt about her childhood
Nathan - If he was adopted, would mean Peter was not Claire's uncle
and vice versa if Peter was adopted. My money is on it being Peter, same as yours. It's quite inevitable.


I think they are trying to write a relationship for these two
into the show because I suppose people wanted them to
hook up instead of him being her uncle. (Not to mention that
they are hooked up in real life!!!)

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