Five Unanswered Grey's Anatomy Questions

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Five burning questions we've been pondering regarding Grey's Anatomy, which despite of its ups and downs, will start its fifth season in this fall:

1. Will Izzie leave Seattle Grace? Some have speculated that Katherine Heigl's recent comments about Grey's Anatomy were an effort to get out of her contract, which is said to extend through 2009-10. See broader examination of this topic here.

2. Meredith and Derek: What next?
Amazingly, Shonda Rhimes was saying well in advance how she wanted to get Meredith and Derek together for good by the Season 4 finale. And she did, with a terrific season ender. But if they really are together for good, and everything's blissful where's the drama? The tension? The entertainment? Can this normal, happy couple really sustain itself on TV, or are we really addicted to watching our two favorite lovers be torn apart by one issue after another?

Trials Continue

Will Grey's Anatomy as we know it cease to exist with these two actually together?

3. Will ratings rebound? Grey's Anatomy started its fourth season battling for the best ratings of any scripted show on TV, but after the writers' strike, the show took a hit. Granted, the strike hurt everyone, but Grey's Anatomy seemed to lose its buzz along with the ratings. Was it just a blip, or is this a sign that interest is waning?

4. What's with Erica and Callie? With a passionate kiss in the season four finale, Erica and Callie seemed destined to be the first same-sex pairing on the Grey's Anatomy scene and perhaps the most famous lesbian couple on TV. While some were surprised when Callie went in that direction, it will certainly be interesting to see where a relationship between these two previously underutilized characters may lead.

5. Will Season Five of Grey's Anatomy be it?
We know you don't want to even think about it, but it's worth asking - in fact, these days, a show that runs more than five seasons â€" much less six or seven â€" is a rarity on network television. And in the case of Grey's Anatomy, the story has a natural end: when the core group of doctors wraps up the residency program. Will the fifth season be it, or will it just set in motion plot lines and relationships that will shape the show for years still to come?

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please look in mer and der s eyes when they look at each other...please...its heart breaking even when they r together and when they leave.look at the way he runs after her or how he watches her sleep or cry or drink or smile...she is his princess and her protector.


as for Izzie...i really think that she played a big role in the series,and actually i couldnt hate her or think that she is a fake or needs to quit from the show...just imagine the group of friends as a whole...i cannot imagine them seperated .they compliment each other.when george failed the intern exam...and when alex started having problems with the silly eva(rebecca..i dont know where she came from),the group seemed to fall apart and they were no longer the group we were used to seeing hanging around together.on the contrary,izzie gave great lessons when...she didnt know that Denny was rich and she fell in love with him...then to find out that he made her a millionaire!and she refused to do anything with the money from her lover unless it was something "good".she also sufferred to get him the heart and risked her life and carreer for him...thats pure devotion,not stupidity...i would do the same...she has a soft heart...for example when she cured the deer.she is a frustrated woman...she hid the fact that she a had a baby girl,so she doesnt get pitied from anyone..imagine how hard to see ur child with cancer or even the flu and not be able to hold her and be there for her...not to mention she gave her bone marrow...she is very humane.she was suspended and was in a shock when denny died....just watch her on when she was going to denny in her pink dress...only to find out that he died...i almost suffocated...then when she sat on the bathroom floor..and outside the hospital..come on people...she played a big role!how about whn she was the reason why dr.hunt changed the way he dealt with people and patients.????/he became more humane!she is a great surgeon actually...unlike what she said(i thought i was a surgeon,but i'm not)i think shonda was focusing more on izzie as an emotional person for a reason...after denny died izzie obviously wanted love and warmth and care from a person she never really got to spend time with as he was is very loving and caring...and she gave it a shot with him to see if it would work out...yes she was jealous when he married the ugly callie,but why not take it in a sense that she was testing her feelings if she could love again...and george ,not to forget,he was always there for her..he was her best friend...and when she found out that he wasnt her type,she ended it up with him....its something that really happens in real life....when she slept with was a reaction!!!!she needed sex!!!!and doesnt that happen to everyone!!?then after the story about eva...she realized that she had feelings for alex only those for denny were greater...he seemed to be a good match for her and they had there deal of arguments. i hate burke....and all through the show i used to get angry at him and the silly harsh way he was treating was so unfair...and god how ungreatful a person he is...after al what she did to him....he left her on her wedding day just because christina like many people in real life...DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO BE EMOTIONAL LIKE IZZIE FOR EXAMPLE..SHE IS PRACTICAL AND HAS NO TIME FOR I LOVE YOU'S...THOUGH SHE IS FULL OF LOVE AND DEVOTED TO is insane how he left her..and i believe that burke is the turning point in christina's life...i dont nkow what wil happen with dr,hunt,,but the latter too is very provocative...he kisses her on day and the other he treats her like crap!!!!!
meredith and derek are a completely different issuee..i feel like i need to write a novel about them.mer is scared.and she has the right to be!she was always trying to be the perfect one for der,although he never expected too much from her...he only wanted her to go steady with him nd have a family together.i feel bad to write anything against mer or der...but one thing is that..why did he initiate a relationship with the weird rose?why the hell did he kiss her?after all that mer has been through...her mom her step mom her sister her dad ,der's first wife....she has the right to panic....i love derrick ..i adore him...basically the shole show revolves around mer der...i love meredith can never say..yuck!why did she or he do this?to me they are perfect...and of course perfect together.even when she being a ply girl with fin and derrick..i could nt hate her...i was angry when she didnt tell der directly that she left fin.
when der was faced with 2 decisions..either being a chief or with mer...come is not an easy choice to make...der was thinking that he didnt want to turnout like the chief...a disrupted house and life with no kids...he had to choose wisely...he came to seattle to become a chief!!!!and he met meredith and is head over heel for her...i was lost so how about der????no matter what the problems were..he was facing a great deal of pressure...but its what really happens in real life...finally he chooses mer..and we r relieved.
mer constantly told der that her friends and him are her when he sees her sitting with htem having wine or talking to christina or whatever....he simply cannot take her away from the...this would make her friends hate der,and he would scare mer...she was angry and pissed when he wanted her room mates to move out and when she found her mom's diary next ot him on the desk..he knows how sensitive she is and he reay understands her and knows when to stop and when to move ahead and when to hold her and when to walk away...he is responsible for his actions.
somehow,the writers engraved in our minds that der and mer r forever and that no matter what happened and how long they split up and no matter who the meet...they always will find a door that wil lead them to a happy life together.
i hope u read my commentary.....i want to write more..but im feeling sleepy..please give me feedback if interested...
in love with mer der..


i used to watch the show for a minute or 2 and i really never paid attention to it.but then, (this year,2008)while it was put on show series and starworld..i decided i want to understand the series...
instantly, i fell in love with it...i neglected my baby girl
(metaphorically),i sat alone all the time and all i did was ted cry and cry .even the previews on tv used to take me to a different world.i refused to talk or do anything while it was on.then i started to search the net for a website that would allow me to see the series from season 1 till the end .i used to stay all night from 11 pm till 4 or 5 am just searching...i went to dvd stores in my neighborhood,yet there were some who never heard of brother got me seasons 1,2,3...and i directly finished them..and then a friend of mine told me about a free site for tv shows..
the point is that G.A became a very important part of my life.i started telling everyone about it,and sometimes people were annoyed of how attached i was to the series..
my feelings are deeper than what im saying..i just want it to continue forever..the seasons i mean...i was shocled when i found out that there is no season 6 and only 7 episodes of season 5..i felt empty.


I can't wait to see the 5th Season!!! I just hope that it would not turn out to be like all other soaps where the guy (derek) gets an amnesia or something and nobody else knows that he was already trying to get back with Meredith and that nurse will think that he was on his way to celebrate with her when the truth is he's actually breaking up with her. That's already been used a lot! .... or that nurse got pregnant after just doing it once with mcdreamy and you would have him stay with her because of the baby!! that will be absurd because the show is liberal enough to show same sex relationships and patients trying to get legal abortion ... i wouldn't think that making derek stick with the nurse would be smart...


oh and also, i read some of the comments and Izzy can't leave the show. Derek, Meridith, George, Alex, Christina, Bailey, and Izzy are what makes the show what it is. Especially Meridith, George, Alex, Izzy, and Christina they are the 5 friends. They've been together since day one, it wouldn't be the same if one of them leaves. They should definitely keep them together till the end, if at all possible!!! and i hope Grey's Anatomy goes beyond just 7 seasons, it's so good i don't think i could ever get enough of :D


Ok i quite watching grey's anatomy in the middle of the 4th season cause Derek and Meridith weren't together plus some other things but i'm regretting it now. But Grey's Anatomy isn't the same with Derek and Meridith not together. Their relationship is what got me so hooked on the show! And the show doesn't have to end just because they are together. No marriage or relationship is easy. Your gonna fight and your not gonna be happy with each other all the time. But in my opinion if they don't bring Derek and Meridith back together it's gonna ruin the show. But what do i know, i know nothing about writing shows but that's my opinion. All i know is in the show Meridith's and Derek's relationship seems so real. And their characters being together gives people who's lives are complicated hope. WHY TAKE THAT HOPE AWAY? I know TV isn't real life but their characters do reflect on some people why take that away?????


I'm glad that Meredith and Derek are together for good to be honest it was kinda getting old with them breaking up and getting back together and for Katherine i say go girl she's right you can't be in a program for so long unless it's Friends or something else. I mean look at Er it sucks now that its been going for 13 seasons cancel it already. I guess saying this is not good with being related to one of them opps. Grey's is a great show just hope they don't start to run on fuims I say better to end on a high than a low.


Clearly Grey's Anatomy storylines have come to a pause. Evidently Rhymes has run out of plotlines, witty rebuttals and snappy comebacks. Katherine Heigl was wasted in Season 4, with the whole George-romance (which didn't work for me, seeing as there was no chemistry whatsoever), Meredith killed us with the Derek break-up sex, and Rose, well she was just so out of place. However, there were some pretty good points in the season, such as Meredith's therapy sessions, and Christina's sarcasm and anti-intern attitudes. The problem with the show is that it has become pretty repetitive with MerDer. They have broken up several times, and I really couldn't stand the Meredith drowning episodes. Finally, where was Derek's devotion to Meredith when he almost dumped her when he found out she was "complicating his chances of being chief"?
Grey's Anatomy has been my favourite show for the last 3 years. I have never missed an episode and I don't plan to do so in the future.
however, it's high time Shonda Rhimes realised that what the crowd craves is Meredith and Derek together, FOREVER.
Love the show, and I hope we will see more than just season 5!


I Loove Alex, He´s brilliant:D Addicted to him!


I think we will see Finn in S 5!!


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.