Forbes Marches Off One Life to Live

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The character of Nash meets his demise on June 5 on One Life to Live.

The move comes as a disappointment to fan favorite Forbes March, who has the best name in daytime television history and told Soap Opera Digest that he had a sinking suspicion his days were numbered.

"I started suspecting it last August," the actor said, revealing that he did actually approach the executive producer, but the honcho shrugged off his concerns as "paranoid."

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We'll miss Forbes March on One Life to Live.

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PLEASEPLEASE bring nash back!


Don't like Fobes March being gone. I can't understand why there can't just be some people that actually like each on these shows. He is a great actor and added a lot to the show. I think I am pretty much done with it also. It is nice that you let him go as it gives me a chance to other things I enjoy and gets me away from the TV. Thanx


Please let it be a trick to prove jarred was a fraud . YOU NEED TO BRING HIM BACK! Come up with a story line, to bring him back. Please bring NASH back you have made a big mistake. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT LETTING TREVOR ST. JOHN GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved the character of Nash. I can't believe The Powers That Be at OLTL would kill off Nash--especially in a way that makes it difficult to bring him back. Yet they keep the very boring and non-charismatic Jarred Banks. What the heck are they thinking. Hey NBC, you guys need to figure out a way to bring Nash back fast--either make his death have been a dream, or have him go to some acute trauma facility where he survives. You've made a big mistake letting him go. The fans love him.


NASH was the breath of fresh air, reality, portrayer of a seemingly real love, a man who put up with the 'family' trash surrounding him--the most exciting and REAL person on this unending portrayal of society's misfits. How can you KEEP having Blair, her homicidal husband, Dorian--must have one hullava contract with the show to stay around forever---all 3 should be fired. Instead, you throw away Nash, no doubt to budget-in another tired, cliche hack.
Not that you care, but today was the LAST TIME I will ever watch OLTLl


I saw Forbes March at Super Soap weekend last year and heard so many wonderful stories from fans about how nice he was. You could tell he was really enjoying himself and stayed to sign autographs until they made him leave the stage. I was so impressed and although I did not meet him I did get his picture. I loved him as Nash and thought him and Tess/Jessica were made for each other. I was so sorry to hear that he was let go. Most definitely One Life to Lives loss not to mention ours. The show will not be the same without him. Thank you Forbes for all the wonderful memories and I wish you the best with all you do. Best of Luck and hope to see you on another show soon. Monica

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