Gossip Girl Caption Contest 2

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, week two. You submitted some great entries, all of you, but we can pick only one winner.

This week, it's nikki. Congratulations! The winning caption appears beneath the photo. Scroll down the page to read all the ones we received!

Thanks for playing and best of luck again this week!

Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald

Nate: Chuck Bass, why aren't you wearing your scarf? It's a wedding! You do wear that even during sex, right?

Chuck: I gave my scarf to that vanessa girl, so that she can wear a signature dress, oh make that a signature piece of cloth, today.

Vanessa: (thinking) I can't wait 'til Nate takes off my new Burberry panties.

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Chuck: You don't understand Nate. I want you. Nate: Really. Chuck: Yeah. Nate: 'Cause I want you too.


Chuck: Nate... I need to tell you this. I haven't told anyone yet... but I'm... gay... and I like Dan Humphrey! Nate: Oh for crying out loud!!! I want Dan too! Chuck: Let's have a threesome! Nate: Oh good idea! Vanessa: Let's make that a foursome!


Chuck: Now, Nathaniel. I know I am ridiculously good looking, but I just don't feel the same way about you.


nate:chuck looks at me
*chuck stares*
nate:do i have a pimple???
vaness:(thinking)ew but chuck has a booger ew
guy besides vanessa:(thinking)damn chuck has a big package*he looks at his*(thinking)oh gosh i need a penis pump!


Nate: See? Like I said, I've always been the taller one.
Chuck: Nathaniel PLEASE, its only because of the shoes you wear, and you know it.


Chuck: Well if you insist, I guess we could always share the seat..


Chuck: Care to dance?


Chuck: Nate, you gotta stop.
Nate: What?
Chuck: People are staring! At least let's make things private..
Nate: What are you talking about?
Chuck: I know you're jealous! You Know You Love Me,Nate! You hate that I love Blair more than you.
Nate: WTF??
Vanessa: [thinks] Archibald..


Chuck: "...I've already said I'm sorry, I'm not going to keep-"
(Nate stares determinedly past Chuck, clearly not hearing a word.)
Chuck: "Are you even listening? Dude?"
(Nate continues to stare intensely at nothing.)
(Chuck looks behind himself to see what Nate is looking at)
Chuck: (sighs) "Great, a mirror. We could be here for hours."


Chuck: Nathaniel your father is leaving.
Nate: He just went out to call my mom.
Chuck: No, I saw him step in to a limo..
Nate: *rising up* What are you takling about?
Chuck: Look I made a misstake with your father, but I was in love with him. We do not have time to argue about this.

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