Kate Walsh: Bringing Back the Towel!

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Tuesday night, the gorgeous former Grey's Anatomy star and current Private Practice star Kate Walsh showed up for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live - wearing nothing but a white bath towel and high heels! Hel-lo!

Kate Walsh's reasoning for the interesting wardrobe choice:

"I was supposed to wear a fancy, sparkly sequined dress… It was very hot and I was ready to rock it out," the 40-year-old actress said.

"The tailor had taken it in, I got it back and I looked like a Vegas stripper. For me, it was not right. I wanted to keep it pure, clean. I'm bringing back the towel."

No complaints here! Below is Kate Walsh's full interview from this week ...


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Kate is a beautiful woman. And so funny. I think it is cool that she even thought of wearing a towel. LOL!!! She has a great sence of humor. She does seem very down to earth. I watched her on Ellen and she was talking about picking up dog poop in her back yard and I LMAO!!! Watch her videos on you tube. They are great. She is GREAT!!!


Kate Walsh used to be one of my favourite characters in Grey's Anatomy. I miss her on that show! At least we can still see her on Private Practice. :-)
Her interview in that towel was cool and very funny - I could imagine me doing that as well - it's just my kind of humour! ;-)
People who think that she's phony and maybe just acting funny perhaps just don't understand her personality! Non of us know her personally and we shouldn't judge anyone we don't really know!
I think she's down-to-earth and acting natural. She's got a great sense of humour and is very beautiful! By for now,
Beatrice from Switzerland


i love Private pratice but i miss addison on greys:(
cant wait for both seasons to start
Alove always Syd


Kate FTW. Her sense of humor is obviously too sophisticated for some of you young 'uns who obviously need to develop a sense of irony lol. She gives the most natural & funniest interviews EVER.


you can think that she is phony and that shes acting funny or whatewer u want but she is so damn cool and u cant denie that!
and maybe she did have som spare clothes but she tought it would be funny to appear in a towel, and even if she did that only to get some attention-seriously guys she dosent need it she has plenty of attention and shes just enjoying being famous!!! :)
:PPPPPPPPPPP p.s.kate walsh is wayyyyyyyy better than u are :P hahaha


i think she's awesome and hilarious.
i love kateeeeeee. :)


i think it's great! sometimes things just dont work out - it is fantastic that she can acknowledge that on national television. i can think of several celebrities that would have just cancelled the interview and been a no-show...way cool kate!


She's really stupid. Ugh!


I think she's acting funny rather than being funny kate walsh has been doing too much lately on her tv appearences..........I think she used to be funny but not anymore i think once she noticed or someone told her that people think sh'es funny she stopped being spontaneous...........


wow... she is so sexy, I'm all about white towel!


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