The Many Faces of Ed Westwick

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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick may be a snarling rocker on stage, but after the show, he's a proper English gentleman!

Especially when his parents are in the house!

The actor and musician, who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, shared a smile with his biggest fans Tuesday following a performance by his rock band, The Filthy Youth, at a New York nightclub.

Ed Westwick Rocks!

Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick on stage, and with his folks!

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Ok 'Pemille Kjaersgaard' that is destubing, but funny.
'Kimmie' is right gay guys can not look as attractive to the female eye as ed and chace do! i tell all my friends that i love chace....but deep down i have a huge crush on ed. shhhhhhhh! don't tell anyone. lol. xoxo.


OMG! If the gay rumors are true - I want in! God I would love to have a threesome with them! (Sorry for my inappropriate lust for sex with two guys ;) ) lol. It could be so hot!


Why the hell would Chace & Ed be gay??????????
They're roomies & good friends, that's all!!!!!!!
God, who ever made this story up must be so bored, thinking off s*** like this! Who ever it is, get a life!!!!!


MadisonAveVix - yeah, right. Please. Those two are the least gay people out there. Well. Chace I don't know about. But Ed is definitely not gay. I mean, please. Gay guys don't look like him. They just don't. Not that Chace looks gay either though...ok. It's obvious they're not together. So will people just forget it already? These pictures of Ed are so hot. I love him.


that is a rumor bloggers are always trying to get a good rumor out there. but i figured those were his parents. he is hot.


There are rumors swirling on Perez Hilton that Chace and Ed are more than roommates and that they are makeout buddies.


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