A Grey Area: In Defense of Katherine Heigl

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Could there be a worse career move for an actress than telling the truth? Mark Harris of Entertainment Weekly takes a look at the strange case of loquacious Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and is wondering this very question.

Heigl, 29, who won an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy Award last fall for Grey's Anatomy, is not among this year's nominees. We all know why.

But given the controversy caused by her decision to exclude herself from contention this time around, you'd think she had beaten up Dakota Fanning.

This was hardly the first time that Katherine Heigl's outspokenness has burned bridges or landed her in the middle of some kind of public squabbling.

Her contract negotiations with ABC went public, she chided Judd Apatow over Knocked Up, and then there was the whole Isaiah Washington situation.

Best Supporting Actress!

Plenty of people have said she should keep her mouth shut, be more modest, go to work, like it, and act like basically every other celebrity.

But do we really want our stars to be that boring? Is her honesty really such a terrible thing? Is Heigl's uniquely outspoken nature a drawback?

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