An Image from Season Three of Heroes

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Attention, Heroes fans:

We've uncovered this image from season three. It shows HRG... with Syar... in suits. What the heck is going on here?!?

Season Three Spoiler
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When Sylar killed Candice at the beginning of Season Two, he had the Shanti virus and therefore did not have his Initiative Aptitude ability needed to study the brain in order to obtain her power (As shown in Season 3 Premiere, he studies the brain.)


Well, Sylar did take Candace's powers last season... I don't think there's more explanation needed for my theory lol.


or it could just be sila working with them fighting the exscaped murders from the company so sila get's there powers


to easy this one there using him to protect clair proply offered him a dose of clair's blood what as we know from adam a drop of his blood would heel them put it could also make then heal for ever that could also be away of nathan retuning but yer there ovisloy working together as theres no guns behind sila's back and sila and nowa (soz bout spelling) both look happy


This has to be an alternate reality!


I have reason to beleive that sylar is dating claire but claire doesnt want to commit to a relationship so sylars trying to score points by chumming up to the father


I reckon this is a possible past which could have happened if sylar never ate all of those people.


Perhaps Sylar ate Nikki/Jessica and inherited the "alter-ego" syndome in addition to the super strength.


Digitalspy has also posted some images of Sylar, HRG and Claire shooting a scene in a car together, looks like they're working together.


I saw this on JustJared days ago.
Zach looks hot in a suit.

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