Chris Daughtry Readies for Second Album

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Following a wildly successful debut album, Chris Daughtry admits that the pressure is on for its follow-up.

"I don't want to put out anything that is second rate or be accused of going through a sophomore slump," Daughtry told Entertainment Weekly. "So we're taking our time on it."

Daughtry, Chris

What can fans expect from the band's second CD, likely to hit stores in the late spring of 2009?

"It's going to be a big huge rock album. We are working with the same producer — Howard Benson [All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance] — same band and some of the same writers so it feels very comfortable this time around."

We can't wait.

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well i really like the American Idol, so we don't have to see the same celebrity again and again, good to see something new.
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Are you kidding me? I already got their album and it was fantastic... o goodness. incredible~!!!! and now i cant wait to see them on A&E's Private Sessions this sunday Aug. 2, at 9AM EST


This sounds very promising. I loved the first album and I think since he's going to be taking his time on this album it will be a success. Keep rocking on Chris!


Hey Sara, I'm confused about something. If you don't care for Chris Daughtry and feel his 15 minutes are already up, why in the world would you come to a blog about him and then find the need to trash? Wouldn't it have just been as easy to skip the blog in the first place? In addition, the fact he's sold over 4 million CD's leads me to believe that his fans will have NO issue with the CD sounding like something they want to buy! LOL


So it will just sound like everything else he's already done. Isn't his 15 minutes up yet?!