Clay Aiken is a UNICEF Ambassador, Blogger

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UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken just completed a trip to the East African countries of Somalia and Kenya. There, the former American Idol finalist provided children with health care, education, nutrition, clean water and sanitation.

The 29-year-old American Idol alum has written a series of blogs about his experience in the field. Here's a snippet from one of them:

“Getting children back to school is vital for their protection, and helps build a sense of normalcy in their lives. The re-establishment of schools in the most difficult circumstances is a testament to the commitment of UNICEF and to Kenyans. Many displaced parents told UNICEF that getting their children back to school was their top priority.

UNICEF Ambassador

“Every child has the right to an education. Education transforms lives and breaks the cycle of poverty that so many children are caught in. And an educated child will make sure his or her own children receive an education too. This is just another one of the many amazing ways UNICEF is helping children today, while also building a safer Kenya tomorrow.”

Read all of Clay Aiken’s blog entries at (Click on the “Permalinks” to view the full entries.)

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fascinating and communicative, but would make something more on this topic?


The smiles on the kids faces say it all. Clay just knows how to bring people in, and children seem to warm up to him immediately. That love just shines from within.


It is so disheartening to see all the devastation there. It really shows how the children of Kenya have so much determination to get an education, that they show up in shells that used to be schools and sit on rocks and bricks. I am so thankful that Clay Aiken and all the Unicef Ambassadors are there to help. I will certainly donate to this worthy cause so we can build a safer environment for these children


What a guy! He never stops giving. UNICEF has chosen
wisely in picking Clay Aiken to be an ambassador for them. When it comes to children in crisis, he can raise thousands of dollars in no time at all to meet the needs of these children. God bless you, Clay.


I love Clay Aiken. And I admire the man too!