DeAnna Pappas: Engaged! Happy!

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DeAnna Pappas said she loves surprises, and she's got a big one in store for us Monday evening on the season finale of The Bachelorette.

But will it end with her engagement to Jason Mesnik and Jesse Csincsak? That we have to wait and see.

"This is a happy ending, and a good surprise. I don't want anyone to know because I want everyone to watch. When you see the final episode, you're going to laugh and you're going to cry. It's just a beautiful episode."

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DeAnna Pappas said that it's been "almost three months" since The Bachelorette finale filmed and she chose between single father Jason Mesnick (top), 31, and Jesse Csincsak (bottom), 25, a professional snowboarder.

Describing Mesnick and Csincsak as "two totally different people," DeAnna said she's a "different person when I'm with each one of them."

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I think DeAnna Pappas was wrong for saying the things she said on Ellen show she didn't know what she wanted and she not ready for a family, she just lyed on tv saying that she was a family person her father and I already picked Jesse she was to fdefense about him and they Jesse gave it away at the dodges game and atshe lyed tell Jesse she never been on horse and carriage ride what was Richard date so she not very honest I think DeAnna owes Jason and Ty a apolize she lead Jason on big time and that was wrong and Jeremy just try everything even thou the guys gave him the beef about it. Graham hat off to you and Brad I think you two guys seen that DeAnna was a joke and she didn't know what in hell she want so she picks a dare long hair, nor prof dresser tennis shoe wearing person so that tell me that Jesse lyed also about not knowing her they must been dating all alone u don't fall in love on a over night date if that case then Jason had it, he read Deanna like a book from the time he got out of the limo until the over night date he knew that he wasn't the one he change at the end of the over night date and at the home visit when he talked to Deanna father it waslike Jason it time and he ask for her hand in marriage good but when the bride have to tell the other gentlman to ask something is wrong but they are cute.DeAnna surpised all and i hope it works since they are living together already. I feel that they been together longer for some reason it just funny the you tube didn't have anything about and Deanna/Jesse it was all about Jason and Deanna what low blow to us take care


She is going to marry the guy with the pink shoelaces. Two free spirits. A surprise, but, seemingly a love match. I hope it lasts. I know that Jesse really loves her.


I'm betting on Jason..although I do like Jesse. I think the big surprise is Deanna will have Ty on and ask him if she can marry his Dad. Then she will surprise Jason.


Hi Deborah, You wrote "It was so obvious that Jeremy truly loved Deanna. You had to be BLIND not to see the love in his eyes." I know that DeAnna DID say that Jeremy was PERFECT on PAPER; But....LOVE is feelings that takes one's breath away, a person's whole body hurts down to the bone with just a touch, and how ever the day goes it matters not because the PERSON you LOVE makes Life the best thing ever at the end of the day. Just because he felt Love doesn't mean that "SHE HAD" the same deep feelings. Yes everyone wanted it to be Jememy; but I think both need to marry the "Love of Their Life" that has a Mother alive to add to the relationship. It is wonderful to share each others are the whole package of a Great Marriage. Deborah, maybe you have not felt TRUE LOVE, I don't know, but DeAnna has to follow HER HEART, HER FEELING, she sounds likes she Knows What She Needs....And I WISH her the Best in "HER LIFE Pick".


Deanna made a BIG MISTAKE by sending Jeremy home.It makes me think she wanted to be different and end the Show with a SHOCKING ending that will be more memorable than all the others. It was so obvious that Jeremy truly loved Deanna. You had to be BLIND not to see the love in his eyes. The other guys were JEALOUS of him because he made them all look INADEQUATE. Deanna should have been able to see them for what they were. If she has any sense at all, she will call off her engagement to whomever she chose, call Jeremy, tell him she has changed her mind and really wants to marry him. She claims she didn't want to break anyone's heart, well she broke Jeremy's heart BIG TIME! I felt his pain when he told the Driver to stop so he could get out of the car and reflect one last time. It was awful to see how hurt he was. If he ever opens his heart again, I pray he finds a woman who will appreciate his love. Deanna fell for Graham because he played hard to get. He was far too insensitive! She did the right thing by sending him home. Jesse is much too IMMATURE. If she chose him, she won't be married to him very long. He's EXTREMELY too childish. He may walk to the beat of his own drum, but he needs to grow up. Jason may be a sweet guy, but he is looking for a woman to be a Mom to Ty more than he's looking for a wife! He also comes across as a bit phony to me. He says he loves Deanna, but I believe he loves the idea of finding a pretty woman to be Stepmom to Ty. It will be a boring marriage and Deanna will not be happy for very long! She needs to go get Jeremy, QUICK!!


Of course no doubt DeAnne you will choose Jason the single dad... the other Jesse is still so not ready for even being a husband a friend maybe.... GOOD LUCK, gosh! I wish I was in her shoes or even more as I am a single mom with two lovely gals and i am 'available' looking for new love and this time unconditionally love and loyalty forever!!!!!(this time). Thanks for listening. anyone in the east coast- perhaps New York and vicinity!! Love: Anne Milstead