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Jason Mesnick isn't sleepless in Kirkland, Washington.

But the 32-year-old father three-year old Ty has a new email account for fans wishing to contact him. Sounds eerily like Sleepless in Seattle to us.

“I’ve gotten thousands of comments from fans,” Mesnick said. “The generosity and the kindness is unbelievable. Every one is so sweet and nice. All the comments are pure love.”


This proposal didn't end so well for Jason Mesnick.

In the finale of this season's The Bacheloette, DeAnna Pappas told Jason her “heart is somewhere else.” That place, of course, was with winner Jesse Csincsak.

Since then, Mesnick’s supporters have fillde his MySpace page with comments and bombarded ABC with requests to get in touch with him. Producers of the show finally set up a separate e-mail account just for him.

Fans can now contact Jason directly at

“This really was set up as a way to accommodate his fans who wanted to reach out to him, not as a way of finding a match for him,” an ABC rep said, adding that Mesnick checks the address once a day and tries to respond to every message.

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I can't believe how someone can change so quickly before our eyes from a handsome, desirable bachelor to a despicable low life two timing, don't have a mind of your own jerk. Jason is so pathetic and full of excuses. When Jillian played the 'best friend' card, Jason use the fact that she was looking for a best friend and he was looking for a wfie excuse to dump her. Now he is constantly saying he found a 'Best Friend' in Molly. Cut the excuses and fess are not good at making up your mind and Molly left you with the haunting words " You made a mistake". Look at mellissa now. Can't say I have muchadmiration for Molly taking you back.


I am an 82 year old woman who loved Jason on The Bachlorette
and then on The Bachelor. After reading so much about him
I am now a little worried for Molly. Jason, what is your real job. Haven't seen you with Ty lately. What is your
relationship with Molly right now? Please answer.


jason i want you dump molly and be with me i'm lonely without you


Jason I watch the show last year and this year, and felt disappointed for you last season. I felt really awful last night after the show, ( I was for Melissa) and had to rewatch it and then reading all this stuff about you I feel people really did not understand. I normally would not get on the internet to try to find someone, but I feel you are a stand up guy and you follow your heart. YOU said you wanted to tell Melissa in private, but as I understand it the network wanted you to do it on air. They just wanted THE BIG RATING and forgot that you all are real people not actors playing, a part in a TV show. I get it, This is real Life, people break up, you did the right thing. I just can't understand why the public is being so harsh to you. I applaud you for being honest. You said it over and over maybe you were not the right type of person to do a show like this. You fell in love, dating many women at one time. That has to mess with your head. You also explain you did shield Ty, he was unaware who was your love interested and who were the producers ect ect. I just don't get why others did not hear anything you were saying when you were explaining your self. Well maybe because they were upset for Melissa, & My heart goes out to her, but you did the right thing. You did not lead her on. I feel you were in love with her, & by your reaction when letting go Molly you were in love with her too. And that is what you said. How can you truly get to know someone under that situation. You and Melissa needed time away from "TV Land", and that is when the true personalities come out. Again you went with your gut feeling, made a mistake, and trying to correct it. All you can do now is go with your heart, you may end up after spending time with Molly find she is not right for you, or you not right for her. You did the right thing.
My wish to you is to put this behide you, and go forward, I hope you find what you are looking for.
Good luck to you


hey jason whats up i love you jason forever and i love your son ty forever you will find true love good luck best wishes


I'm so happy to hear you're the next bachelor. You are such a wonderful man. I wish there was one of you for every woman. I'm a single mother and it's hard to find romance so it has to be hard for you too. I pray you find your true love and cherish her forever. Good luck and god bless


Hey there Jason, I was routing for you from the very beginning. I can not believe how the end of the show went. I was very sad, I think she made a very wrong decision letting you go....I would not have done that. It is just too bad that I won't be one of the next bachelorettes because I would win your heart and let you throw that wall that is up around you away!!! I hope you truly find that special someone that takes your breath away! Good luck in all you do and Ty is the cutest little boy.


I'm so happy to hear you are going to be the next bachelor. I'm a 68 year old woman, but enjoy romance. Only problem is, you can't show your true feelings. I keep saying I'm not going to watch the show, but I end up watching it. I was routing for you and thought DeAnna was a fool. What kind of life can Jessee provide? I hope you find the right girl on this upcoming season. Are you a church going, Bible believing person?


HOORAY! I hope you find the woman of your dreams! You deserve for this to work out great. I am rooting for you.


Jason was delighted to hear you are the next bachelor, the ball is in your court now, go get her,wish you all the luck. Daphne