Gossip Girl Caption Contest 6

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our Friday tradition.

The 6th edition of the Caption Contest was great, as we received many terrific responses from you all. Our winner this week: Orange.

Congrats! The winning reply apears beneath the photo below. Scroll down and click through the full list of entries if you like, as well!

Thanks for playing and good luck in this week's Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Chuck Bass Inspects a New Arrival

Chuck: Dang, I love that print! (*thinking to self: wonder if they have that in Large?)

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Chuck: *looks up and sees a butt in his face* Daamn.. Wait a second.. is that a skid mark on your bikini?
Girl; Wow.. How embarassing.. I sure could use a distraction right now, Ladies and gentleman.. Mr conway twitty!
*conway twitty pops up out of nowhere and starts singing*


Girl (to herself): OMG! Chuck Bass is TOTALLY checking me out!
Chuck (to himself): WHOA! That girl over there is HOT! Now if only I can get this one right infront of me to MOVE!


girl: Chuck!! would u be so nice and stop starring at my ass and help me found my sunblock!!
chuck: Damn whats that smell!
girl: oops I think I've just flarted!!


chuck[thoughts in his head]: damn, that girl is hott
girl[thoughts in her head]: holy crap thats chuck bass, hmm let me do something to impress him
girl [bends down]: i hope he likes it.
chuck [thoughts in his head]: ahh purrrfect.


Chuck - Not quite as good as Blair's, but I'd definitely tap that ass


Chuck- (to himself) nice ass Girl- (to herself) why is that guy with the weird hat starring at me Chuck- hi im chuck bass Girl- hi im taken


girl: damn where is that sunscreen, chuck sweety, can you help me find it?
bass: huh? i think i see sometihng spectacular
girl: oh wow you are such a perv
bass: i didnt mean your ass


chuck:(to himself) who is that!!??
hey there, a word?
girl: and you are?
Chuck: i'm chuck bass

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