Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: Season 1 Finale

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The Gossip Girl season finale, "Much I Do About Nothing," was not only filled with breath-taking twists and turns, but it was also a feast for fashion fans.

Below, our Gossip Girl fashion contributor, the fabulous Liza L., breaks down the episode, telling you where you can get its amazing looks ...

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The Wedding Day

Even sad and heartbroken, Serena van der Woodsen, the main of honor, managed to outshine the bride by wearing an amazing frock of most fashionable yellow color, with a modern-daring touch of black accessories.

Meanwhile, what should one wear to stand out at a wedding, but in such a way that no one will mix you up with the bride? Pink. This definitely worked for Blair Waldorf – Chuck could not take his eyes off her!

Best Friends Forever

Serena van der Woodsen in a Ralph Lauren Ruffled Fillipa Dress ($2,999, on sale here). Blair in Australian designer Colette Dinnigan’s Dress from Resort 2008 collection and matching Jennifer Behr Flower Headband, $198 (on sale here). Similar dress from Bluefly, $178 (on sale here).

Morning in NYC

What does a bad girl like Georgina Sparks, who parties 24/7, wear at noon in NYC? Something old, which they wore on yesterday night, and something new, which they can rock in this night (Unless you come across Blair Waldorf, of course).

Speaking once again of Blair Waldorf, fighting a war has to be glamorous, but winning it has to be fashion-forward and stunning.

  • Sparks, Georgina
  • Dan and Blair Think

Georgina (left): Jacket, Yaya Aflalo, $508 (on sale here); Skirt, Urban Outfitters, Lux Pleated Bustle Back Skirt, $39 (on sale here). Blair Waldorf (with Dan): Diane von Furstenberg, Bitiri Jacket Island Clover Bud Green, $219 (on sale here); Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Flock of Hearts Print, $188 (on sale here).

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    Hello , I'm interested in the necklace that lily is wearing during her wedding.
    Do you know who is the designer?
    Thank you


    I like Blair pink dress..its pretty....so as serena's dress..


    Where can I buy the black gloves Serena is wearing in the top photo?


    i know about GG in August 2008 bcoz it already started..
    GG is awesome!!
    it tells about fashion, friendship, love and rules of fame.. one thing, ED WESTWICK----------->KAWAI!!!


    i love Gossip Girl, blair is awesome!


    i LOVE the fashion on GG.
    Thanks so much for this new feature. I hope you guys keep it going!


    well, lilly's link isnt working but i had to look for myself, if you just go to google and type in "instyle gossip girl fashions" it should bring you to the page, it's the first one.


    Cassie, Serena's handbag, which i love as well, is from Chanel. It's beautiful


    i absolutely adore this feature
    please keep posting it
    BTW i was dying to know where i could find a similar dress to the one Blair wore to the wedding Thank You.