Gossip Girl Spoilers: More Gay Characters

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At least as of this posting, we've heard of no plans to have any new Gossip Girl characters come out of the closet this fall.

Sources report that Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) will have a love interest or two in the second season of Gossip Girl.

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Eric should be it for same-sex love, though if the book series is any indication, Gossip Girl could get even more gay with each season.

According to cast member Penn Badgley: "By the end of the series, I think they got so bored writing the same things for 12 years, they were like, 'Let's just make 'em all gay.' Chuck ends up gay and has a monkey on his shoulder that dresses in similar outfits."

Penn is just kidding... we think.

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poor chuck i think everyone on the show hates him


God E is so so so cute n nice at the same time! I love watching the shoq but would love to see more of Eric!!!


No. They will totally mess up the show...if they make chuck and dan gay. What will happen with CHAIR(chuck and blair)...I've nvr read the books, and I won't now...


chuck canNOT be gay *sniffles* penn better be lying! but i do remember seeing a picture with chuck and a pet monkey on his shoulder? maybe from the books. i hope :(( i love gay guys, but not when i have a crush on them! maybe he's just bi...


omg if dan is gay then im the queen of england
the tv show is way better in the books
u know what would b really funny???
vanessa realising shes gay, and then eric falls for her coz hes gay and shes gay!!!!!
coz then technically Eric has a gay love interest!!!!


I wish Chuck would be gay and then Blair could have Nate like in the books. But I agree the books have truly been left behind and the tv show is too different.


they shouldn't, do that to chuck that would be so totally messed up and y petes sake would they make him be with blair wich made us love him and then make him gay . that story wouldn't make any sense and Dan Gay that's just sick lets not start about the monkey with matching outfits ewwww!!!!!. he can't even handle serena how can he handle being gay ?? and what will happen to blair if he becomes gay huh ?? they'll totally ruin everything . i really wont watch the show anymore ! XOXO SERIOUSLY NOT LOVING THIS .


OMG!! I would soo totally luv it if chuck was gay or at least a lil' bit bi-curious.
I mean there's alot of ppl who don't want chuck 2 b gay/bi but i think that would give the show a sudden twist something tasteful yet let the viewer wanting more & more drama. Chuck mayb known as a "Womanizer" but he never really falls deeply 4 blair or in that case anyother chick so mayb experimenting would b another choice the options r endless... Chucks gay lil' rendezvous w/sum hott stud may help gay/bi teens feel more a part of the show sort of like a real-life situation, something for the teens 2 reflect themselves onto and it would also help our society to b a more open-minded/diverse community. IDK about Dan i would like it if he would stick wit Serena they're soo cute 2gether.
:) Can't wait 4 season 2 bby!!
I Luv Gossip Girl


yah, in the books chuck is actually gay, and has the whole monkey thing.
& Dan does like some experimenting stuff but i don't rmr him coming out of the closet full on gay type thing. and Ed Westwick said he wouldn't care if he has to act gay in the show, so it is a possibility. However the show doesn't seem to follow the show that much, for example. ERIC! is older than serena, actually he is in collage. so yah the only episode was the 1st that REALLY played our the book. :)


if chucks gay i wont watch this anymore

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