Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate & Serena; A Dark Twist

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Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has given us some interesting pieces of information this week on the Gossip Girl spoiler front ...

Q: Seems like forever since you scooped Gossip Girl.
A: Your eyes were not deceiving you. That hot new Season 2 promo does, in fact, show Nate and Serena sucking serious face in the Hamptons. And I assure you that it's not a fantasy sequence.

Q: Any more Gossip Girl spoilers?
A: This fall, the show will embark on its darkest plot to date. For more information on that ... we'll just have to wait and see.

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Serena is Happy

Are you psyched about Nate and Serena? And what could this "dark" Gossip Girl spoiler mean? Leave a comment if you have a theory.

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CHACE IS SO EFFIN HOTTTTTT.. OMG!! definitely one of the hottest guys in the world!im rooting for serena & nate!! they're prefect together. and wish chace was mine. oh well. im gonna sleep and dream now(drools*).




ever wondered why gossip girl gets such shit ratings? hmm maybe because every episode so far is about how much ds are 'epic true love' and are boring us at the same time. honestly why the hell would i want to watch teenagers act like a boring, married couple with no chemistry? my advice to josh- more chuck and blair time and derena or whatever can just go get married and stop eating away all the screen time. so many people started liking ns because of one scene which means they probably are going to go somewhere. i really could start liking those two.




I agree with megan, I've always hated D/S, at first I thought it was cute, but then I saw CHair, and I saw what a real cute couple was all about, CHair blew D/S out the water if you ask me, C/B was cute, funny, hot, and an OTP, Derena was just dull next to it, plus I kind of hate the humphreys, as I've said before, Dan should jump of the brooklyn bridge and drag his annoying little sister with him!


since this a spoilers thread i might as well just say it..
christinne youre right about dan and serena being together in season 2.. but they break up in episode 3 no offense to dsers i just think its about time because dan and serena were suppose to be the 'main couple' but they are too boring and chuck and blair are way hotter and a better main couple. never really cared for ns before but im starting to like them.


Go serena and Nate, Dan is so boring. Itd b such a copy of the OC if she ends up wiv da loser type guy when she can hav better. An d i agree wiv evry1 who says dat dan blows evrytin in her face when she makes the smallest mistakes!!! GO S&N


wtf? are youu tripping or somethinng. DAN and SERENA (I repeat) DAN and SERENA are goinng to be with each other in SEASON 2. spoilers and videos are PROOF betch. lace-mace101 dont believe his/her(iunno) sheet dose he/she have proofe that DAN AND SERENA are not goinng to be with each other again?? cause i definitely have DAMN proof. >=0


FYI. serena or dan havent cheated on each other. re-watch episode 5x18. true. i do believe that nate can be soo anonying but blair and nate are done. blair annd chuck are a great couple.


i soo agree with youu on your first comment. i am a Dan annd Serena fan. but a trifecta would be great for gossip girl. =)). all those dan annd serena haters. DEAL WITH THAT THEY ARE AND ALWAYS BE INLOVE. even if dan or serena did that or this. PERIOD!
dan and serena ALL TH WAY! =)

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