Gossip Girl Spoilers: Nate & Serena; A Dark Twist

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Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has given us some interesting pieces of information this week on the Gossip Girl spoiler front ...

Q: Seems like forever since you scooped Gossip Girl.
A: Your eyes were not deceiving you. That hot new Season 2 promo does, in fact, show Nate and Serena sucking serious face in the Hamptons. And I assure you that it's not a fantasy sequence.

Q: Any more Gossip Girl spoilers?
A: This fall, the show will embark on its darkest plot to date. For more information on that ... we'll just have to wait and see.

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Serena is Happy

Are you psyched about Nate and Serena? And what could this "dark" Gossip Girl spoiler mean? Leave a comment if you have a theory.

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I am totally psyched! I love Nate and Serena since the beginning. When she hooked up with Dan, I just let that be since they obviously liked each other, but now that I see they are sucking face...hell yeah!


i totally agree with cass and sammy. i am glad that nate and serena had sex at the beginning go them! Blair is a bad girlfriend GO NATE AND SERENA!!!! Dan should go with Vanessa or some other gal.


Serenate FTW!!


I'll take NS any day to sh** boring DS. Who cares that an Upper East Sider falls for a Brooklyner? They're not as 'epic' as DSers make them out to be.


I'm not a fan of N/S or D/S, but I'd rather N/S...
D/S just bores the crap outta me...


Lmao... all i've got to say is... GO NATE/SERENA!!!! and i agree with everyone who posted in their favor=P


omg i luv nate and serena 2gether their s00o0 cute i wish they get 2gether!!! also blake and chace wud also make a cute couple!


go ns! '1) I'm sick of DS, its the same shit all over again every freaking week. I would rather watch a show about grandparents at a retirement home in Miami then those two.' lol i love this its so true! wheres cb though?


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Serena should get back together with Dan.:( Nate is going date an older woman so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for him!:D


Go N and S! Im so fed up with Dan! Im more concerned with Chuck and Blair, what going to happen???

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