Grey's Anatomy News & Gossip: Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Guest Star Once Again; Izzie Has Brain Tumor?

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According to today's Us Weekly, Katherine Heigl's Dr. Izzie Stevens could be killed off Grey's Anatomy next season - a piece of gossip that we've already discussed at length, and the source of which must be considered here.

Heigl, 29, withdrew herself from the Emmy Awards process, saying that she didn’t feel she was “given the material this season” to warrant an award.

In response to this well-publicized griping, the Grey's Anatomy producers are considering giving Izzie Stevens a brain tumor, according to Us Weekly.

“Shonda Rhimes and the writers are pissed,” a source says. “It’s their way of screwing with her. She won’t know whether she’s going to live or die.”

Don't Leave Me

Regardless, there’s some good - and actually confirmed - news for fans: memorable Grey's Anatomy guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan will reprise his role as Denny Duquette again! As we know, Denny passed away in Season Two, then returned to the show in Season Three during Meredith Grey's temporary visit to the afterlife.

How will be return to the show yet again in Season Five? One popular theory is that Izzie will begin seing visions of Denny after contracting her tumor.

A second source adds that such a plot, ironically, would be great for Katherine Heigl: “If her character does get a tumor, she’ll probably get an Emmy!”

A rep for ABC commented only briefly, saying, “We can confirm that [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] will be back, but we are not releasing any further details.”

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OK, maybe it's true that she will have a brain tumor - wouldn't it make sense. After all, we ended season 4 with MerDer performing a successful treatment of a brain tumor with their new protocol. Just food for thought that perhaps this all ties together in some way. Can't wait for Sept 25th and all good things for MerDer.


Woohoo! Denny is back. That's great news! Really great! I hope he'll be back for more than one episode. An Arc, maybe. And Izzie isn't kicked off! That's what I've been hoping too. Finally, Season 5 is getting more and more worth waiting for!!!


GREAT NEWS! For those die hard Katherine Heigl/Izzie fans, it HAS been confirmed BY ABC that she will NOT be kicked off the show, and that the press and media are making more of it then it fact Izzie has a major story the link to read more!


seriously? I liked the denny character and all, but come on. MOVE ON ALREADY! It's like they're starving for material. And the Izzie/brain tumor thing... please go back and watch old episodes of ER where Dr. Green had a brain tumor. It lasted for like 2 seasons, and they ended up killing him off. Please don't do the brain tumor thing. It's been done.


Honestly,I don't think they should kill Izzie just yet.I know she may be upset about the whole script in season 4 but they just finish the writers strike in the middle of the season.She may be kinda annoying but she keeps the show bright..(kinda).And plus George will be hurt like hell,Izzie is like his sister and George already lost his father,he'll be crushed and so will Alex and everybody else. But..If Izzie were to die she would mabye see Denny and they could be together...If you think about it it's pretty sweet.So ya I think Izzie should stay (give her a better part).


i wreckon its just rumors and stuff thats she's gonna get killed off.. maybe she'll just get a brain tumor and that's how denny comes back?
Katherine Heigl is one of the best actors of that cast imo. And i think the show would loose quite a few viewers if she left..


“If her character does get a tumor, she’ll probably get an Emmy!� This is so damn funny! :)) Hahaha. But I agree. That would be a great opportunity for her. Anyway, I hope they don't kill Izzie. I like her in the story. :)


just remove izzie from GA, and fast. seriously, the cast and crew dont have to put up with ungrateful b*tches. seriously


Please bring him back even for one episode!!!He is amazing...I cried so hard when Danny died!!!


Ok, guys, I really love Denny, but don't turn the show to some mexican crap. Grey's anatomy is the best show I've seen so far, so please don't spoil it.

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