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Looks like a quiet week on the Grey's Anatomy spoiler front, but Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly does have a few pieces of info ...

Q: I'm dying for something, anything, on Grey's Anatomy.
A: Well, would you look at this — I found something! I'm hearing that young Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) - who turns into a big ball of confusion following her impromptu smooch with George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) - reaches out to the unlikeliest of colleagues for advice: That raging whorebag known as McSteamy (Eric Dane)!

Lexie Looks

Q: Can you give me some Grey's Anatomy scoop?
A: Would you settle for Private Practice instead? Shonda Rhimes is looking for a "star name" to play a charming new doctor in his 30s.

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well.. didn't exactly see that coming but PERFICT, that is just what this show needs.
love always Syd


I highly, highly doubt Lexie will be with McSteamy. She's reaching out to him for advice. Man, last year I was looking forward to Gizzie, now it's Gexie... To make things better about this possible run though, is that George is more put-together now. Well, I think he is, anyway...


I'm thinking a Marxie storyline could be pretty hilarious. Maybe they'll just make fun of MerDer for awhile.


wow...I hope to God they do SOMETHING with Mark, they are totally wasting his naughty bits!! He is always hilarious and verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry easy on the eyes.....can't wait to see him have something to say while he's climbing out of those shorts!


No way! McSteamy and Lexie? wow... I didn't expect that.


That's a BIG surprise - well I thought it would be Lexie/George... As Alex/Izzie, remember when Izzie told Lexie when she was calling Alex, and Lexie was trying get into the chief's officer "The things we do for the people we love..." "Yeah." Well, c'mon, I thought George & Lexie would make a great couple, it was the first time I actually enjoyed someone to be with george.. Whatever... Mark & Lexie, yeah it would be good, cuz they have this personalities, it would be REALLY funny, they are the characters who make me laugh out loud, and so it'll be a couple that will make me laugh out loud... I don't know... I really liked the nasty mistress, sex machine Mark... I don't know if I am going to like a racional Mark who can let his dick inside his pants (it surprised me when he told Callie he was not in the mood, I said the same thing Callie did "You are ALWAYS in the mood...". Well, our Markie is gonna get a storyline ^^)


Holy Cow. I'm pretty sure I speak for lots of people when I say Didn't see that one coming. But I think in at least my mind, it was definitely a possibility, I just never thought it would happen.... Can't wait to see what happens with ALL the couples in season 5!


I can't wrap my mind around the idea of Mark/Lexie as a couple.I can't even see them as casual lovers. I can see him as someone Lexie would go to for relationship advice. Lord knows Mark has seen and done it ALL.
I like the old mark, the superfical, sex craze Mark. But, I also love the new trying to do the right thing Mark. Actually him being both is quite sexxy. To me Mark is just easy breezie, what ever floats your boat kind of guy. We all need to understand Mark has not finshed growing up yet. Hell in the scheme of things who has???


Hmm... seems rather odd, but sure, why not? It is Grey's Anatomy, after all. Hehe. I'm not sure I really want Mark to change all that much though. I kinda like the total manwhore-arrogant side he has, along with the less superficial side. I just can't imagine him as anything else. But if it works, it works. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. Love 'em both.


Ooh that seems like an interesting tidbit not matter how it turns out. Maybe this will give him more of a storyline. I feel he always gets jipped when it come to his character, atleast after Addison left anyway. Still I can't wait.

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