Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Rose Sticking Around?

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Here's a Grey's Anatomy spoiler from TV Guide that you may not like: Rose may be no shrinking violet when it comes to getting dumped by Derek.

Given the cozy, candle-burning climax of Grey's Anatomy's Season 4 finale, it's no big surprise that Lauren Stamile's run may be nearing its end.

But this oh-so-nice nurse won't be scrubbed out quietly.

Sources reveal that when Rose learns she has been excised from the star surgeon's love life, she plays it cool ... but only with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

On the flip side, she is far from laid back about the whole thing with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) the boyfriend she had started to fall in love with.

"I'd count on at least one emotional outburst," said a source on the Grey's Anatomy set. "Rose is not her usual composed self with Derek."

Derek and Rose

Moreover, while there has been talk that Lauren Stamile will only appear in the two-hour (!) Season 5 opener, there are also rumblings that Rose may remain a thorn (sorry for the pun) in the supercouple's side a bit longer than that.

What do you think? Do you want Rose to wither away for good, or will a little more drama strengthen Grey's Anatomy - and MerDer's relationship?

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Rose is pretty much irrelevant. To have Derek, for instance, decide he can't just dump her the way he decided to not give up on his marriage would be one bad daytime soap opera turn too many. Oh wait, to make it really annoying you could have her be pregnant off their having sex once in grand soap opera style. Apparently nobody on day time has ever heard of birth control. To have her become some kind of crazy lady a la Fatal Attraction would make no sense for her established character but hey, George being madly in love with Meredith, then with pal Izzie with a ridiculous marriage in between, then flunking his exam didn't make any sense for that character either. Neither did Izzie suffering no legal consequences after pretty much killing her boyfriend/patient. And Christina in season four made no sense whatsoever with the previous three seasons of Christina until the final episodes. All I know is the final two episodes were very good, the first really good ones in a season and a half (though I remained addicted so what does that say about ME) and the writers got themselves out of quite a few dead ends so I hope they don't try to get too many more twists out of the Rose/Derek thing which was clearly a lame complication for complication's sake from the beginning. Besides, the Rose character is too boring to hold her own with the rest of the them. Not the actress's fault. The whole purpose of Rose was to be the nice but dull other woman. Time to fade away.


even though i'm a HUGE mer-der fan... i love to see them together! they are so cute-together!lol
love always Syd


I hope Rose never show up!


I like the nurse char....a fresh face is much better than all these old faces you keep bringing back. BORING OLD STORYLINES!! Rose is new and fresh and fun and gorgeous...HOWEVER get MerDER together please!! KEEP ROSE AND MAKE THINGS INTERESTING AGAIN THIS SEASON!! Can't wait for 5 to begin...


Come on!!! give Mer & Der some breaks!!!
Go away rose~


Please get rid of Rose.


Well Angel.. well said..
the world needs it.. we need it.. ket us see merder work things out as a couple this time. enough with together/not together.
as far as rose is concerned she could stay but not only to add to merder problems..


Ok sooo. I think Rose should stay, then leave. Derek has been an a-hole to both her and Meredith, and even though I don't like Rose, as a character she deserves more closure than just "Oh, BTW I'm still in love with Meredith so it's over." and I agree with most people here as long as Der and Mer work their problems out and STAY together, then I don't really care what happens with Rose. Personally, I don't want her to stay, but if she does then I really hope she stays as a NURSE in the BACKGROUND, not as the reason Derek and Meredith are having problems, they will generate their own without her help, guaranteed. Or even dating someone else, someone who will actually love her and not picture someone else's face when they're having sex with her. Maybe Mark. He's trying to change, and she needs to move on. hmmmmm who knows anymore. I just want my MerDer season 1/season 3 HAPPINESS back =[


I would like to see Rose stay for a couple more episodes as the pshyco that couldn't take rejection!! Besides, her and Derek had zero, zero chemistry


Rose as a character continuing on Grey's?? NO WAY.. Time for Rose to die....

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Derek: I am calling post-it, Zola, Bailey, the tumors on the wall, ferryboat scrub caps. I thought D.C. was everything. I was wrong. You... you're everything. I love you and I'm not going to stop loving you. I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you, and I'm going to do everything in my power to prove it.
Meredith: I can live without you, but I don't want to. I don't ever want to.