Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Rose Sticking Around?

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Here's a Grey's Anatomy spoiler from TV Guide that you may not like: Rose may be no shrinking violet when it comes to getting dumped by Derek.

Given the cozy, candle-burning climax of Grey's Anatomy's Season 4 finale, it's no big surprise that Lauren Stamile's run may be nearing its end.

But this oh-so-nice nurse won't be scrubbed out quietly.

Sources reveal that when Rose learns she has been excised from the star surgeon's love life, she plays it cool ... but only with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

On the flip side, she is far from laid back about the whole thing with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) the boyfriend she had started to fall in love with.

"I'd count on at least one emotional outburst," said a source on the Grey's Anatomy set. "Rose is not her usual composed self with Derek."

Derek and Rose

Moreover, while there has been talk that Lauren Stamile will only appear in the two-hour (!) Season 5 opener, there are also rumblings that Rose may remain a thorn (sorry for the pun) in the supercouple's side a bit longer than that.

What do you think? Do you want Rose to wither away for good, or will a little more drama strengthen Grey's Anatomy - and MerDer's relationship?

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She can stay but i want Meredith and Derek to stay a couple and if she stays she will probably just hook up with another character on the show like McSteamy (Mark Slone)


I'm with, maybe half of the people here in that I hope Rose stays. I seriously hope for some character development on her part. Then again, they already have many other characters that need developing. I dunno. I just hope she just becomes more than a thorn in the supercouples side.


I,ve never written any letters to a TV show before. However my entire office has been obsessed with Grey's Anatomy during this past season. Meredith this and McDreamy that, etc. I saw the show, or at least 50% of the episodes, and do have some opinions. I'm so glad that it didn"t take me as long to make up my mind about whom I would, or wouldn't marry. I'd have gotten nothing else done. However, it was nice to at least see one nurse on the show with some opinions, initially. I work in a hospital and it's not just doctors who run it. The character, Rose, was a breath of fresh air-smart and not hung up on herself, attractive with some morals. Where did she go? The writers introduced her and then,poof, she was gone. here, there and nowhere. Why did he like her in the first place? She never even got defined. Any information for this dumb viewer?


Judy Brown makes a really good point--Grey's isn't providing a believable sample of the medical profession (I work in surgery) where nurses numerically outnumber the doctors. But on Grey's...what, isn't Rose the ONLY nurse that has a part extending beyond an extra? If anything, hiring her for the show brought more than a dramatic angle between Derek, Meredith, and herself---it also added a whole new qualitative medical perspective...and a savvy new persona, to boot! I vote make Rose stay.


I think Rose is a great asset to the show. She's a little goofy and I like that. I don't care if she ends up with Derek or not but she would be a fun addition to the whole gang, plus maybe she could give Meredith another reason to go back to therapy!


I am for keeping Rose. I think she adds something to your show. As a person who did not start watching from the very beginning I think her character as a nurse helps to balance out all those docs. For a while there you were getting stale. Rose was just what you needed.


Mer and Der should finnaly be together and face problems as well as good stuf together! People enjoy their love as well as passion and mockery and it would be MUCH better to have at least one stabile relationship in the show!
We NEED their sex to stay hot and them to be jealous of each other while staying together.
And I am anything but a romantic girl, so trust me when i say that the whole world needs it!

Avatar more drama, i want to see the house built, the wedding and the kids with the other character stories for a while and let them be. BUH BYE ROSE... really weak character!


Seriously? Shouldnt she have been pushed off a cliff by now?


Keep Rose, PLEASE!!

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