Is Mohinder Suresh a Hero?

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We know that Mohinder Suresh is a character on Heroes.

But Kristin of E! Online implies that Mohinder is also one of the Heroes:

Mohinder Suresh has a lot coming up this season, including a love connection with a female Hero we already know (together, they are hot as fire).

And let's just say that if you had a sneaking suspicion Suresh might have some kind of superability, you would not be wrong at one point this season. There is more to him than meets the eye, but he ultimately may need to "scale back."

The Key to the Past

What might the power of Mohinder be?

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i think heroes has gone to far now whts he doing having spiderman powers? ummmmmmmm is heroes connected to marvel? ANYWAY THIS HAS TOTALLY SPOILED HEROES, IF I WANTED TO WATCH A INDIAN SPIDY ID WATCH A COMEDY BUT ID RATHER WATCH SPIDERMAN 3 OR SUMTHING OR OTHER. i wonder if there wud b a superman heroes who was weakened by a raidioactive rock such a kryptonite!!!! lol

Avatar i found this video on youtube.. so he does have a power.. and the secret to killing syler.


I'm too lazy to read the previous posts but I do know a few things for sure. At this point it's about 80% sure Mohinder's powers are (Stop reading here, possible spoilers) A spiderman ripoff. Several have already seen the promo, there's also a few leaked videos out there to give a good hint (i.e.: Mohinder hanging upside down as well as Maya being "webbed" to a wall in one clip. Heroes comes back in 26 days (Counting from the day I post this.) so we'll just have to wait and see, but it's pretty much a given.


ow wait i think i was wroung that keys got nothing to do with his power thats something to do with the 1st seris but any way bringing bk people from the dead could be a power for mohanda just cos his sister is could make him wont to knowing it would propply cause a hole in the time rift so it would be another chose for mohanda but i just hope its a power to teleport to the moon and be able to life there then he can do that and never come bk and no more mo in heroes sorted


so basicly Jumbtron ur saying his power is hangin upside down wow that sounds like a real life changing power adleast marks could be usfull but this pic name is key to the past so im just gona say it mite not be a power as such just a key that some how maked me be able to reright the pass anyway Jumbtron the promo shows him upside down how in any way does that show his power they only way i can think of would be like flotting so basicly that just means he can just hang above u and be a whimp lets face it mohander is a wimp so the only power they could give him wouldnt involve him fighting so bringing people bk from the dead could be a good power put dont think it would be that cos slya wouldnt realyy wont it who would he bring back only people with no powers so say his mother and thats propply it
as for grinding your gears lol its ideas that people thinking of ur one is lame opendoors slightly faster then the average person lol how would that help, mark is just trying to make people imagin so if any ones the idiot its you


The ability to suck the life out of every scene he is in CANT STAND MO he sounds more English than Indian its disgraceful.


what are you a moron ,he is clearly hanging upside down in the promo its obviously something to do with that you idiot!!!!!!!! ,people like you grind my gears
what the hell is your problem


well his power wont be something unexpected i think it will be something like moving objects with his mind cos then when hes giving blood to more then one person he can just use his mind. also it could be super strenth cos his main enermy is sila so it would make a better fight. i personly hope its something like bring people back from the dead with his blood wen theyve been dead for few years then we would see the return of the painter i no his name but cant spell it lol plus alliando (also cant spell) plus DL and well as we know nathan was shot and died but theve already said he will return to that could be how.


i have reason to beleive his ability is to open automatic doors slightly faster than the average person

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