Jeffrey Dean Morgan Mum on Grey's Anatomy Return

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, beloved by Grey’s Anatomy fans as doomed patient Denny Duquette, isn’t ruling out the possibility of a Season Five return.

His comments come after said return has pretty much been confirmed.

“We’ll see,” Morgan said of rumors that Denny would return to Grey’s Anatomy next fall in a possible brain tumor storyline for Katherine Heigl’s character, Izzie Stevens.

“I read that, too. Who knows what’s going to happen?”

If the call does come from the medical drama, Morgan said he'd be thrilled to be romantically paired with Katherine Heigl again on-screen.

“She’s awesome,” Morgan said. “I had a blast with her. She’s wonderful and I can’t say enough good things about her and that whole cast.”

Morgan and Heigl in Season Two's memorable plot line.

As for Heigl’s recent Emmy flap - which some perceived as an insult to the writers of Grey's Anatomy - Jeffrey Dean Morgan says her comments were most likely misunderstood, and even if they weren’t, he likes her candor.

“I think that stuff gets blown completely out of proportion,” he said. “She just speaks her mind. That’s exactly what she does. Maybe more people should speak their mind.”

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OMG NO! to things, Izzie should not get killed off. maybe in 5 more seasons! but also Denny should not come back on the show. they would make it believeable but no....
love always
love Syd
p.s. to destony above me is Denny really your father in law? lol if he is i would love to meet him


oh denny, he's like my father in law. i wish he'll be back in the show. something scenes not just stuck in the bed with all the contraptions hooked. lol..


so you know how he said its not confirmed that he will be appearing? i heard he already filmed his scenes? maybe it was just a rumor..but i hope ot i love JDM!


SD-6... *lol* I think it would be cool if Izzie started to see him out of the blue and start talking to him. She could have a "relationship" with him again until someone calls her on some pills-addiction and finds out she's been hallucinating really badly ;) Anything to have Denny back on the show for more than one episode! I'm soooooooooo happy about this!


If Izzie doesn't get the brain tumor thing, I wonder how we will see Denny. Perhaps Denny is never dead, and he turns out to be a CIA agent working for SD-6... (WTH?? lolz) Anyway, really glad to have Denny on the show again.


“I think that stuff gets blown completely out of proportion,� he said. “She just speaks her mind. That’s exactly what she does. Maybe more people should speak their mind.� I'm with you man, I can't believe the amount of people in forums criticizing her comments and insulting her. WHAT SHE SAID IS A 100% RIGHT, and it wasn't an insult or something, it was the truth... not every season she is going to get the best story in the show. I hope Jeffrey stays long on this season.

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