Jeremy Anderson: The Next Bachelor?

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Rumors are flying that this week's bachelor eliminated by DeAnna Pappas, Jeremy Anderson, a 30-year-old real estate attorney from Dallas, Texas, will become the next star of The Bachelor when the series returns this fall.

Two weeks ago, Jeremy seemed conflicted about the idea of going through it again, according to Access Hollywood, and wasn't sure if ABC had interest.

Yesterday, though, reporters questioned whether or not he had thought about being the next star of The Bachelor and this time, Jeremy seemed more open.

"It was a great experience," Anderson said.

"It was probably the most enlightening thing I've ever done. I feel like I took more out of it than anyone."

Jeremy Anderson

This morning with the rumors growing louder, reporters questioned DeAnna Pappas on whether Jeremy Anderson would be a good pick as The Bachelor.

"Jeremy would make a great Bachelor because he has everything to offer. He is the perfect man," DeAnna Pappas said.

"He has a wonderful outlook on life and love. He has a great career ahead of him. He has a great dog. He has the total package."

Is he even available though? On a conference call, Jeremy Anderson admitted that he is currently dating someone but did not reveal who.

"I have started seeing someone," he said. "It was tough in the beginning and it was tough to get back out there because you can't really date while the show is going on. Once the show was over I could kind of explore the dating world in real life is a different universe to dating on TV."

Also rumored to be the next Bachelor? J.T. Torregiani.

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jeremy and jesse they are nice guy...hope they will be next star at the bachelor im fan both of them


i hope jeremy and jesse will be the next star at the bachelor im fan both of them. hope they can find their true love


jeremy was my favourite from when he first got out the limo, how deanna missed that only she would know.
i hope that jeremy finds the happiness he deserves and that the woman to steal his heart cherishes it to the limit.
all the best for your future and God Bless. im a big fan of Reality tv.


Hy.I was so disppointed to see...that DeAnna didnt pick Jeremy. I am in love with this man. from the first i time i saw him i realoizes that he ...that he so gorgeous....:) well i know he saye dhe date sameone and thats why i can honestly say that i wish him all the best.Sincerly .Daniella30.


and yes there needs to be some real women on this show instead of the petty, whining cry babies who think they are God's gift and then end up embarrassing themselves.
Really it is not classy to hand a man your underwear, or tell him dirty jokes, or do lude things to get his attention....something intelligent, surprising and convincing is much more exciting...


I think Jeremy, if he is still available, would be a wonderful bachelor...maybe he would be more sensitive than Deanna was after she got her chance to redeem her broken heart. I believe she was a real snot and played
these poor guys with her whining and crying. I think every other word out of her mouth was I know what you are going thru...yet she still played Jeremy, Jason, and Fred...the only one I did not like on the show was
Christopher (the non drinking virgin) he was so full of his righteousness he would have been the first out the door with me and Ron...He just wanted to cause trouble and was jealous of Jeremy....I can't believe the way she hurt Jeremy and Jason after having gone thru it herself....
Jeremy definitely deserves a chance to find his true love....


PLEASE stop putting stupid, whining airheads on the Bachelor show!!!!! Can't you find 25 girls in this country who don't have shrill voices and talk like Valley Girls? Come on guys, stop dumbing down this show - it's really pathetic. I'm absolutely sure your ratings would be soaring if you just got girls (women) who were not so desparate. And yes I would love to see Jeremy (my favorite) be the next Bachelor, after Jason, if he's still available. Talk about handsome,classy, and overflowing with charm. Pick some fabulous gals for him and watch your ratings soar!!!
Would love to have an encore of Trista and Ryan - that was a great show to watch.


jason is the new bachelor!! yay!!!


Jeremy is boring! Snore. I do not want to see him on the show again. He is predictable and seems full of himself at the same time. I believe he would be a lousy lover, he doesn't strike me as someone very sensual. He is more of a thinker, analytical type. DeAnna must have given him a chance on the over night date - either he was too small or just lacking skills - either way she said NEXT!! and moved on.


Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy ! PLEASE NO JASON !

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