Nate or Chuck: Who Would You Rather ...

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... you know.

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my name says it all! i love chuck he is so freaken hott! i would definetly rather bang chuck


Oh god..
It's a really,REALLY hard question.
Maybe both? girl can dream...
So..though i prefer Chuck in GG,Chace Crawford is just so hot,gorgeous and sexy that I think I'll choose him,after all.


i think there both really hot but nat is more of a rpetty boy and i would rather not choose him 'cause he's gonna end up cheeting on chuck♥♥♥


NATIE :) its not even a question, he's so fricking gorgeous, chuck is like tons funnier but nate is kinder and so cute xo xo


whatever you say, it's nate. nate and nate. :)


i choose CHUCK anyday!


CHUCK BASS!! He is freakishly hot! He seems to know how to handle a girl the right way. I would have super sex funtime with Chuck any day, everyday, more than once a day!! I'm mean seriously, he is hotstuff!! *ouch*


CHUCK ( attitude )


Chuck!! his way of being evil makes him the hottest ever!!




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