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oh chuck my far he is so cute! and more exciting...


for a million times, CHUCK!


Chuck ;)
Nate is too boring, he is like the investment banker that socialites marry. NO FUN!
Chuck is so hot


CHUCK like in the other comments, i think he is gross and morally corrupt which makes him more sexy. What can i say, i like mentally tormented people...


Ugh, DAN!


it depends on what one wants. Chuck is probably hotter than Nate. Perfect for a one night stand but it's impossible to have a relationship with him. Nate is hot and at the same time loving and sensitive, therefore I would say: NATE! :-)


i would hav to go wit Chuck cos he is so irresistible as a bad boy and i luv his fake american accent!


CHUCK all the way..its the eyes that scream "sex" and "power",and the seductive!


Easy one - CHUCK!!!


BOTH...who wouldn't?